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Exerices to help point your feet


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If you are in ballet classes, all of your tendus, dégagés, pas de chevals, frappés, and really everything you do is an exercise for working the feet. You could work with a theraband at home to help them become more stretched and flexible, but be sure that your teacher shows you how to work with it properly!

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I like to use my handy-dandy tennis ball. You put it under the arch of your foot and just point your foot, like in a tendu, while rolling the ball back and forth underneath the foot. It supports and massages the foot, but you don't have as much friction and gravity, which can be both good and bad.

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As Miss Leigh said, using your feet correctly in ballet class is the best way. Check out this video:


Also, you may want to read this thread: Curling Toes



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I would caution you to have a ballet teacher watch you first when you try something with the tennis ball. It would be quite easy to work incorrectly with a tennis ball and end up creating a bad habit that is tough to break. Did you read the thread and view the video? Do you understand what Miss Leigh is tlaking about?

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