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Teaching: RAD, CSTD or ATOD teaching certificate studies?


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Hi fellow dancers and teachers! I'm new to this dance forum and I hope this is the right platform to clarify my doubts.


I've been doing RAD ballet for almost 12 years and I've thought over. I'm intending to pursue my certificate of ballet teaching after I graduate from college. However, I'm not too sure whether I should study RAD/CSTD/ATOD syllabus.


Could someone enlighten me with some background information on the teaching certificate studies of those mentioned syllabi above?


Thank you :clapping:

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Since you have a goal to pursue the Certificate in Ballet Teaching, I would continue with the RAD, but add Australian and/or Commonwealth Society classes to your weekly schedule at act as "free" classes as the RAD suggests for its students; but RAD teachers frequently underuse this important aspect of training, preferring to do syllabus entirely. Variety is really quite important, and the Academy recognizes this fact.

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Thank you so much for your reply, Mr Johnson.


I heard ATOD has a mixture of RAD's technical aspects and CSTD's expressive moves. Is it true about that?

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To tell you the truth, I haven't seen either ATOD or CSTD classes, so I can't know for sure, but simply breaking up the RAD syllabus with other material would seem to fulfil the "variety" aspect of my advice. Vaganova-based or Cecchetti would serve as well.


PS. I recommend the RAD teaching certificate because it is the longest-established and most recognized worldwide, with academic credentialing to back it up.

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In the Asia/Pacific the CBTS would be more widely recognized than a CSTD qualification (I would think in my somewhat educated opinion). The other added bonus is that the CBTS is an internationally recognized qualification. (I am not sure about the CSTD's international status so I cannot comment on that)


I have never heard of ATOD, but I wouldn't say the CBTS develops you as an "expressive" teacher... I would say it develops you with a well founded education of methedolodgy of teaching - it assumes a good level of technical understanding to begin with. Also, if you want to enter students for RAD exams you will benefit from the CBTS as you can then obtain RAD RTS, the only other way is to negotiate to become a "Teacher recognised by mutual agreement" with the RAD (And i have no idea how hard that is...)


Mel J, you will be happy to know that the CBTS contains an entire unit on the purpose and use of free work in developing progression in technique, as well as it's applications being required in 5 of the 6 units :( Also, with the new Vocational syllabus and the CPD program (Continuing Professional Development) program, teachers are being HIGHLY encouraged to exstensivly use free work - it's almost impossible to teach the new VGE syllabus without using free work to develop the necessary technique. It makes me a happy (and far more energised) teacher.

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