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summer intemsives in SA????

angelina ballerina

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Hello everyone!


Iv'e heard of summer intensives and I'd love to do one!

Does anyone know of one in SA??

I am 13, and in grade 4, and intermediate foundation. (Checetti)

(But mostly confident in grade 4)


Thanks in advance eveyone!


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Just to clarify for our member, SA, in this case, is South Africa, not South America. :clapping:

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The following information was sent to me from an adult student in SA:


There aren't really summer intensives in South Africa, or at least not ones lasting weeks like the American ones do. I'm not certain where in the country you are but I know that both Cape Town City Ballet (CTCB) and the South African Ballet Theatre (SABT) have at least a week of "intensive" sometime during the year. During this week students usually do technique classes, repertoire classes etc taught by dancers from those companies and respected guest teachers. I think CTCB's "intensive" is usually in the summer holidays. Last year the SABT one was in the June/July holidays and this year it was an autumn intensive instead (April). If you go to either of those companies' websites there should be information regarding any week-long "intensives" that might be coming up. I would also encourage you to see if you can find out whether or not the Cecchetti Association of South Africa or the local office of the Royal Academy of Ballet might have anything on too. It might also be worthwhile contacting Mzansi Productions (based in Johannesburg) as I know they sometimes provide opportunities for young dancers to take extra syllabus classes with them (the may be RAD, though) in preparation for exams. I'm not entirely sure if they still do that, though.



It is also worthwhile considering auditioning for one of the youth ballets in your area as this will give you opportunities for more training and for performance. In the Johannesburg/Pretoria area, there are the following youth companies: Johannesburg Youth Ballet, Roodepoort Youth Ballet, Tswane Youth Dance Theatre (Pretoria). I'm sure there are others elsewhere, especially in Cape Town.



I hope that might help that poster.

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Thank you so much Miss Leigh!

I already did the SABT workshop in April tis year, and have also been part of the Roodepoort Youth Ballet's production of Cinderella. :thumbsup:

I am in Johannesburg but I can not go to CTCB unfortunately. :)

Thanks for your help and input I'll definately do some more research! :thumbsup:


angelina ballerina. xxxx

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