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Summer Intensive reviews specific to boys


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I was wondering if we could have a post here specifically for any SI that boys attended this year? It's really hard to search through the SI section since it is dominated by reviews from parents of girls and experiences of boys and girls can be so different. I am trying to help my son consider his options for other SI in the future and would like up to date reviews.


Here's mine.


My son is 9 and attended the ABT Young Dancer Summer Workshop in New York. He loved it. There were 17 boys this year. The kids were all supposed to be between 9 and 11 but I'm pretty sure a few of the boys were 12 and had also attended the 5 week ABT course. One boy may even have been closer to 13. The boys have technique class with girls at their age/ABT National Curriculum level but also have class withh ALL the boys combined each day. Boys class was my son's favorite part of the day. He definately improved quite a bit but the biggest improvement is how much he was inspired by his instructor, Francois Perron, and the older/more advanced boys. He came home with a greater focus and his teachers have told me they have seen a new enthusiasm in him in class since he got back. It was really good for him to be around so many other boys his age who also love ballet and take it seriously and who supported and encouraged him as he tried new and more advanced things.

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I am running your request past the other moderators, but there is a thread here already that may fit the bill for you:

SIs Boys and Men have loved

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Thanks! Sometimes I think people open the thread and see how old the original post was and write it off as outdated so I was just wondering if we could start one specifically for this past summer as programs can change over time (but I did greatly appreciate the other thread when planning my son's SI this year). I can keep reading from the other thread if it's easier!

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Hmmm, are you sure you're looking at the current SI threads and not the archives? We move all 2 year old information to the archives at the end of each SI season so the information in each SI thread should be less than 2 years old. It's a process the moderators here take on each and every year, usually at the end of September or early October to prepare for the new season.


The text in the first post of each SI thread usually is also changed to reflect the 2 years the thread contains. However, the date (and member listed on the first post) are generally the member who first opened the thread for information to begin with. You are correct that this one (first) post may have an older date. But remaining posts that follow are only 1-2 years old. The only time that is not the case is when a program has not had people review or post about it at all since then. In that case, we leave the older posts so that there is some track record "out here" instead of just in archives.


Reading SI threads is much like visiting a library. You can call ahead, run in with 2 quick minutes and want the librarian to find your book for you, check you out and you be gone. Or you can sit down at the computer, look through the many options available and walk the aisles to find your book yourself. Thus finding not only the book you were looking for but 3 other titles worthy of your time as well. We prefer all our members use option 2. As well, all it takes for a post to pop up on "View New Posts" is for you to add a post to an existing thread and all of a sudden that thread is front and center again.

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When I open the thread on the Parents of Boys section on SIs Boys Have Loved the thread opens on the first post from July 2004. I know to go to the last post and work backward from there but it seems really old. Is there a way to archive the older posts in the first post? I have seen that done in some of the busier SI discussion threads. That way we can still easily get to them but parents would still see posts from 2011 when they open the thread.

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