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Turning en Pointe


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I started pointe one year ago and for some reason I can so much but turning causes me trouble!

It is like I put too much force and lean back and do so much funky stuff and then I land in a panic...When I relax I find that my turns are better.. but i still lean back.. I know that I just need to fix these things and it sounds like I told you the solution.. But do you have any tips for turning on pointe and for my situation?

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PointePrincess, I moved this topic to the Young Dancer forum, which is where you put questions about technique. Since pirouettes are about technique, your question fits better here than in the forum about pointe shoes. :)


You need to spend a bit of time reading on this forum. There are a whole bunch of topics about pirouettes. All you have to do is type pirouettes into the Search box. You will find enough information to keep you busy for quite a while, including all the facts about alignment and weight placement and finding your center in the pirouette position before trying to turn. Then you practice getting on balance and just going around the corner, like a quarter turn. Once you find your balance pointe for that, then you move on to a half turn, and etc. There is a lot of information about the use of the torso and spotting, too. Happy reading!

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