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Magazines: Which to buy?

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I have not seen it in stores, Stephanie, but I have read the magazine. I think it is a very good one for young dancers!

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Guest dncrgrrl

Here in tampa bay Florida we have it at Barnes and Noble's I get it every once in awhile. This month has some beautiful pictures of ballerinas in their favorite tutus! I also like the monthly feature that shows what many prominent ballerinas keep in their dance bags

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Guest koshka_jete

I highly recommend Pointe. I have purchased/subscribed and avidly read every issue. The general audience of the magazine does seem to be for younger (yet, mature) readers, but in this aspect it does report some helpful and interesting information. Such as their columns on what's in "dancer's name" dance bag and fridge. In an art where knowledge is aquired through the generations and from personal experience, I find articles such of these helpful to those of us who do not have these "live resources" at our fingertips. There are also beautiful pictures and (what seems to be) unbaised articles on companies, schools, performances, etc.

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Guest alliecat93

I think this is where this topic should go, but feel free to delete it if I'm out of place. My question is, which of the two above mentioned dance magazines would you recomend. Which has better articles in your opinion. The reason I ask is because I'm going to subscribe to one, but I can't decide which. by the way I'm 14 (if that would have any impact on which I would like better)

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Hi, alliecat. It's fine to put this topic here.


I've never seen Dance Spirit, so maybe others can speak to that.


Dance Magazine is a general dance mag. It covers ballet, modern, jazz, show dancing, all kinds. It has news and reviews, and features, often including previews of new ballets, interviews with stars, etc.


There's also Pointe Magazine which seems very popular among young dance students and has lots of photos.


All of these magazines have web sites. Why not check them out? There will probably be tables of contents, sample articles, etc., and you can get an idea of the magazine's style.







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Dance spirit is a bit wider in range than most of the heavy on ballet magazines and, to me, geared more towards those in high shool and younger who are in dance schools (tap, jazz etc..). There seems to be a lot on classes, competition and equipment. I guess once a month they do a story on a professional dancer, be it broadway, modern dance, music video or ballet.

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Is the Pointe magazine good? I live in New Zealand so it's hard to get any ballet magazines, but I thought I might try looking for some thing on the internet.


Cost does matter coz the American dollar is $2.30 or some thing over here.


What are the best ballet mags and any sites.............


Love Em

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I got the june/july issue of pointe! It's so good, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm going to subscribe. The only slightly bad thing is that I don't live in the US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like Pointe mag!!!!! Love,


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Guest Ange4567

I'm not a big fan of Pointe magazine... I find dance magazine much more interesting and enjoyful :rolleyes: But Pointe does have a lot of beautiful photos if thats what you are looking for(I can spend days looking a photo of a beautiful dancer if you ask me, lol)

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