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Magazines: Which to buy?

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But isn't Dance magazine online???????????????? I 'm not sure, so if any one knows......................

Also in Pointe, Dancespirit is advertised. Is that good??????????



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Poppiedancer, read the posts above :( Dance Magazine's is linked in my post, as is Pointe Magazine. You can read some things online, but you certainly don't get the whole magazine, and there is no substitute online for purchasing the print edition of any magazine!


Dance Spirit is more about all forms of dance, including a lot of the competition type things. It's not as good if you are a serious classical dancer, but if you also do lyrical, hip hop, tap, etc., you might find it more interesting.

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Guest Ange4567

I also have to mention.. In the two magazines I have gotten they have a dancer interview on the last page. The questions generally ask about their dancing career, blah blah blah and the very last question is "How do you feel about Ouija boards?"


I mean, its interesting sure.. But its a little outta place don't ya think?

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AHEM! If I may make so bold, may I suggest that you are at the website where you can subscribe to two of them. Ballet Alert! and Dance View are both available at the main pages of Ballet Alert! Online! and are excellent, accepting no advertisements, and being paid for by the subscriptions alone, thus assuring the reader of opinions not troubled by financial considerations. As in the old New York Sun, if you read it in Ballet Alert!, it's true! :)

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I do not currently read either DanceView or Ballet Alert, but I would imagine they are wonderful, and I hope that I can read them at some point...it's close to Christmas, right? As for other magazines, I like both Pointe and Dance Magazines. In general I like Dance better, which is funny because Pointe is the one I actually get. Pointe sometimes seems a little flimsy, with some of their articles being a little useless, especially their product reviews. I tend to like the articles in Dance much better. Dance also covers forms of dance other than ballet, which is nice. All the magazines mentioned have a website of some sort. You've already found the Ballet Alert, and then Pointe and Dance are pointemagazine.com and dancemagazine.com.

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Guest Future Star

You should get Dance Magazine because it's really cool and has lots of interviews with professional dancers. Or get Pointe magazine because it has lots of fun pictures. Those are my two favorites and I would recommend both of them if you can get our hands on them.

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Is that a hint, Dolphingirl?


I thought *I* had already placed the same hint!


(oops, just noticed the forum. Delete if not appropriate.)

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Aw what the heck, this is a good subject. Why don't I just move the whole schmier to Books, Magazines, and everybody can comment! :wub:


Me, I like Ballet Review, too, and you can subscribe to many of these magazines via the Amazon.com banner at the top of the page! In case BR isn't one of them, here's the website.



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Not only does Dance Magazine have a list of SIs, but it's in the current (Jan. 2004) issue.

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Hey, hint and you shall receive! My wonderful daughters arranged subscriptions to Ballet Alert! and Dance View for me for Christmas (though Dolphingirl assures me she did this even before I posted...)


A big hug to them, and to you Alexandra for ... well, for everything you do. Thanks! Merry Christmas!! :D

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I think that Dance Magazine and Pointe Magazine are great magazines. Dance focuses more on the well-rounded dancer which appeases to all dancers. Pointe is more of a ballet magazine. It's articles, photos, interviews, are about ballet. THat's why I love it the most. I have subscribed to it since it first came out a few years ago and it has flourished quite successfully. But Dance Magazine does have an amazing directory for summer intensives!

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If I may be so bold as to ask, what is the specific focus of both BalletAlert! and Dance View? I think I remember reading that Dance View primarily reviewd performances by major companies, but I was not sure about the former. Thanks.

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Both magazines have web sites, so if you go there, you can see for yourself -- we have the past five years up, so you can read what kind of articles we print. It's a quarterly, black and white, no color, but no ads :unsure:


We try to have one long interview, usually with a dancer (and we've been concentrating on Kirov and Paris Opera Ballet dancers the past two or three years, Paris because that company does not tour the U.S. and I wanted people to know about those dancers! They speak about ballet in a different way than our dancers usually do). We also have regular columns from New York, San Francisco and London, and we always cover ABT and New York City Ballet's New York seasons. The rest of the mix varies from issue to issue, but the tables of contents and many articles are up at DanceView


We've published that since 1979, it's available by subscription only, and subscribers are across the spectrum -- fans, dancers, critics. I thought it wouldn't appeal to dance students, but several times a mother has written that her daughter -- 12, 13 -- "read every issue from cover to cover" :shrug:


Ballet Alert! is a newsletter that we try to publish bi-monthly. Victoria Leigh writes a column in every issue about some aspect of training or technique, and that's quite popular with dance students and parents. BA also does interviews, mostly with American dancers -- and we try to spotlight dancers outside New York as well as those with the big companies -- news of the ballet world. We do two double Seasons Preview issues every year -- listing the repertory of every mid- to large-sized comany in the U.S., about 40 of them, as well as the major European companies. We don't have as many BA articles up -- I'm still working on that site -- but the site is at Ballet Alert!


Thanks for the chance to give the commercial :D

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