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Magazines: Which to buy?

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I'd like to add -- ashatNYU asked for information, so I gave my view. Other comments, negative or positive, are welcome. As are comments on other dance magazines.

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pointe magazine!! Hands down!! lol


it is sooooo good, and I love how it focuses specifically on ballet! It's just an excellent magazine in my opinion.

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Dd's studio has back issues of lots of different dance-related magazines. I somehow ended up with a free subscription to Dance this year...I think it was a "bonus" from an internet rewards program. I enjoy it, and dd looks through it, but most of the articles are geared toward older teens/adults (she's 11). Dance Spirit is one that seems to be geared more toward the teens, but not so ballet-focused. Lots of competition ads. Dancer is another one...lots of great ballet pics, but also a variety of other dance forms. Also lots of competition ads.

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Guest starrdancer

I think prefer Pointe to Dance because it is focused more on ballet. I get Dance Magazine too, but I sort of have to pick though to find things about ballet. :dry: The other kinds of dance talked about in Dance Magazine are intereting though. Oh i dont know which is better! They are both great!

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Well I like all of them but these are the ones I like most Ballet Alert, Pointe, and Dance magazine. I think that you should get all of them. But if you can't get them all get Ballet Alert or Pointe magazine.




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I subscribed to Ballet Alert magazine last month. I can't remember how often it is published and when I will receive my first copy. Anyone in the know?

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It's supposed to be bimonthly, but there are those months when you get two issues! :blink:

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I ordered Ballet Alert in January with my payment showing on my credit card statement as 1/27/04. Should I have received an issue by now?

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MMH, the last issue is a bit late. It will be out soon. There have been some complications, so hang in there. They will all get done and out as soon as possible!

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