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Magazines: Which to buy?

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Thanks Ms. Leigh,


I wasn't too concerned; I just wanted to be sure there wasn't a glitch in my subscription (like making a typo on the address application). Margaret

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Some other magazines that are out on the market are Dance International- a Canadian Magazine that has articles on rising stars, reviews, books, obituaries and more and Dance Europe(i think) I've only have one of these magazines but it was interesting as it had articles from the European side of it.


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Hi, little dancer and welcome to Ballet Talk here at Ballet Alert! Online! :)


Thanks for the tipoff about Dance International! Too much of the time people in the states don't know about the very valuable resources that exist north of the border.

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After I posted on this topic earlier, I ordered a free copy of Dancing Times . It just came a couple days ago and it is great. It really gives you a different perspective on everything. And it tells you what's going on in Europe.



ping :blink:

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Dancing Times has always been an excellent magazine, but the US subscription is a little rich for my blood.

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What do you mean by US subscription? Are there two different magazines one for the US and one for the UK? It was a free sample I wasn't going to pay for them to ship me a whole season of their magazines to me from Greenwich!! :blink:






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Nope, it's the same mag. You just get in the US instead of in the UK. There would be a lot of things I'd subscribe to if the international subscriptions weren't so high. You did right by getting a free sample, so if you ever see it on a newsstand, you'll know to buy it!

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Hello. Daughter's subscription to Dance Magazine is about to expire, and it's a pricey one!! I saw that Pointe Magazine is much less expensive...but am looking for opinions -- which do you prefer? She's interested in SI information, general ballet information, dancer's bios, etc. So...is Dance Mag worth the bucks, or does one find the same level of writing/photography/solid info in Pointe??

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I think for teenagers Pointe is probably more interesting. I prefer Dance, but that may well be because I have been reading it for what seems like hundreds of years! :huh: Most of the teens seem to be more attuned to Pointe magazine.

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Pointe is geared to ballet, and younger dancers, while Dance is all types of dance. The reason Pointe is less expensive though is because it is only published 6 times a year, while Dance is monthly.

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