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Magazines: Which to buy?

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personally, i luv pointe cause its focused on ballet and its my favorite type of dance. if ur daughter likes other types of dance, like modern or jazz, i would recomend dance or dance spirit :)

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I love Pointe Magazine because it's all about ballet. I have DS too, but I only get it when the cover looks interesting.

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I read more of the articles in Pointe Mag than Dance Mag because Dance covers some topics I'm not interested in. I think the quality of the articles in Dance is better than in Pointe, but a teen might think they are just boring (I am early 20's). I think they have almost the same info on SIs and they both have dancer bios, so I would go with either one. I heard one time that if the student receiving Dance was under 13, they offered a discounted "student" price, but I don't know if its still true or if this would apply to you. I have read Dance Spirit and did not like it.

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I definetly like Pointe better. I have gotten and issue or two of Dance, but since I'm mainly into ballet. Pointe Magazine has been the one for me! But it only comes every two months!

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Have you considered young dancer? (only if your daughter like all different types of dance). I find it more interesting than Dance, which in my opinion is geared towards older people (I'm 14). Pointe and Dance Spirit are also great though.

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Dance Magazine and Pointe are the standards in the US. You can get subscriptions via the Amazon.com banner at the top of every Ballet Talk page.

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Guest TinyDancer1205

I love pointe magazine! I flipped through a Dance Spirit once but it didn't really appeal to me that much. Pointe is very "classy" i guess you could say, and they have great photos and very interesting articles. Pointe is very stricly ballet though, so i guess it all depends on which a person likes more: Straight ballet or a diversity of dance styles

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Guest swanodette

I prefer pointe magazine because it's more focused on ballet but in my opinion dance magazine has better information about summer intensives. So I have both but it was a christmas present from my aunt and to renew it I would use my christmas money. :)

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Guest i dance in uggs

i get both pointe and dance but i save/collect all the pointe magazines and i cut out pictures from the dance magazine and stick them on my binder or on my buletein(sp) board.. so i pretty much get use out of them both. however, if forced to chose, i would definatly go with pointe

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I don't remember the last time I read Pointe...now I'm thinking of picking one up! I just don't seem to get into Dance or Dance Spirit, just isn't very exciting to me. I do subscribe to Young Dancer, but the title says it all, if you are young (I would say 14 and under) you can relate to the topics, but any older and you may just rather read something more geared toward what you are currently experiencing dance wise. Yes, I know that hardly makes sense, but if you read YD or go to their website you may understand what I mean.

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Guest frappè23

i get both pointe and dance magazine. i too think that it depends on what types of dance you are interested in. i did find that when it came to looking for SI information, pointe had better stuff.

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Guest Gargouillade

Where I'm at in my dance career right now, I find myself more interested in Pointe magazine because it talks more about education and up and coming dancers. I think it's a very inspiring magazine for teenagers. I'm hoping to get my subscription renewed come my birthday.

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