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Magazines: Which to buy?

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Guest Dancer4701

I love pointe magazine. It's cheap and all about ballet. I can't say I've read more than a few issues of Dance magazine but if you into other types of dance it would be a good choice.

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I like Pointe Magazine better, pretty much for the reasons everyone is repeating. I just recently started getting it and already I have learned alot! :D

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i get both dance and pointe magazine as well.. but if i had to decide i like pointe better because it's all about ballet with lots of great information about auditioning and performances. :D

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I also like Pointe a lot better that dance magazine, but I do get both and also Dance Spirit. I'm not that big of a fan of that one. :rolleyes:

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We read any and all, however my DD likes Pointe as she's more focused on ballet. We've found excellent articles in all mags mentioned above, along with Dancer.

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Guest Pr1ncessTw1nkleToes

Hm... This is a very difficult question! I like both magazines, but for different reasons. I like pointe magazine because it is geared towards dancers my age and has helpful articles on nutrition, injury prevention, etc. Dance Magazine has more articles about what's going on in the dance world;reviews of works and performances, books and videos; Information on companies and Summer Intensives, etc.

By the way... I know dance magazine offers a special discount to people who are dancers... Normally, it costs 40-some dollars, but if you have a coupon you can get it for 20-something. :wink:

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POINTE all the way! I love ballet and a lot of the time Dance has other types of dance as the focus, which is great, but not what I'm looking for. Dance Spirit is a great magazine similar to Dance Magazine, Dance Spirit was my first magazine subscription ever (aside from American Girl :unsure:) and I still love it!

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Guest lisinka1

I now prefer Pointe Magazine.


In the mid 90's I prefered Dance Magazine because Pointe Magazine didn't always exist and I enjoyed the writing in Dance Magazine. However, (I don't remember the year) the ended up changing the format of the magazine, the columns, and they may have changed the font. This turned me off to it. It just doesn't seem as good as it used to be. Although, I still enjoy their January issue. Usually it's the best of the year.

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I like pointe magazine so much better because of the pictures and its more about ballet than dance in general. And I got to meet Virginia Johnson in person and she is so amazing! :(

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I am 13 and would have to say that I enjoy Pointe Magazine much more than the other one. It focuses more on ballet and gives me more information. They also have great pictures and interviews with dancers. I also enjoy the nutrition and injury articles that they include.



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Although I don't always like the articles in Dance Magazine, I loved the interview with Gelsey Kirkland in the September issue. I thought it was a great idea and since I read Dancing on my Grave, it was nice to know what Ms. Kirkland was up to now. I also always like the Advide for Dancers. :grinning:

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I think I prefer Pointe Magazine, because I'm mostly interested in ballet. I agree with a previous poster that Dance Magazine is more about what's going on in the dance world, and some of that doesn't interest me much. I still buy every issue though!


I don't like Dance Spirit much at all. The only thing I like about it is that it often has articles about stretching and/or strengthening. But I'm not into jazz or hip-hop, nor am I interested in dance competition. In fact, the first thing I did when I bought some issues was go through them and tear out the huge spreads for the dance competions! I'm especially turned off by photos of very young girls made up in sexy costumes in those ads (though I'm sure that's a whole 'nother thread!)



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