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Improving with only one class per week?


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Hi, I'm 15, and I took one year of dance when I was six, but the studio was not very good and I didn't like it so I quite. when I was eight or nine, a former professional dancer started teaching classes near where I lived, and I took from her for 3 years. Then she stopped teaching there, and we were going thru financial difficulties so I stopped again. I really regret stopping now, so I am starting next week taking classes again. However, my mom is only letting me take one, hour and thirty minute class a week, mostly because of lack of time, and she doesn't think I can keep up with school with more. :) ( I am also going to be in the nutcracker, so I will be having rehearsals starting next week as well) I don't want to become a professional (I know that's not even a possibility) but I do very much want to continue dancing for many years, and when I'm older be in small local performances somehow or something like that where I can continue preforming but still have a life other than dance. How can I improve when I am taking such a minimal amount off class time? What can I be doing at home? I REALLY want to become a good dancer, but I'm afraid my circumstances won't let me.


Thanks so much!!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Ilovefiberarts!!!


Well, I think you know the answer already, so I'm not going to belabor the point. What I am going to do is encourage you to check into financial aid, scholarships, or perhaps a trade situation within your school. Maybe you can work a few hours per week cleaning the studios in exchange for some classes?


Beyond that you will have to prove to your parents that you can handle the extra time, work, and responsibility by studying hard and improving your grades. Also it will be helpful for you to maintain your chores around the house, and once in awhile, ask your mom if she needs any help with anything! That will get you extra mileage- trust me! :)

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Clara 76 -


Thank you! :) Unfortunately I don't think my school has scholarships, at least none are mentioned on their website... also working for classes is a great idea - except I don't think my mom would let me do that either, because I told my mom I would pay the difference to take two classes a week and she said, no, but that If I kept my grades up this year I could maybe take two classes next year. I am going to work really hard with school this year like you said to prove to her i can keep up, (I already have good grades so that shouldn't be too hard). Thanks so much for the advice, I think proving to my parents I can handle school and ballet and violin and chores will really be helpful for them letting me take for classes next year :thumbsup:

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Sounds like you have a plan! :dizzy:

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