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Documentaries: First Position

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This looks great. But wow, such physical corrections (young boy at about 00:50) made me cringe. Slapping, contorting face, etc? Yikes!

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Wow, looks amazing. The kid's head being pulled up looked for a minute like [what the heck]! But then he looked like he was having a good time with his coach a few minutes later so hopefully, the head stretching wasn't so much painful as a fun reminder to keep his head up?

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DD can't wait for it to come out! BTW, Rebecca Houseknecht danced with the Washington Ballet Studio company this past season. However, her bio does not appear on the website any longer, so maybe she has moved on?

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DS has known her for years. She isn't with WSB any longer. But since it's personal information I'd rather not say what she's doing now :devil:

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I can't wait for this doc. to come out :devil: Seems like the head pulling was similar to my teacher using my classmates and mine's buns as a handle to correct our head position :)

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I just found the following link for a newly released film First Position. http://www.soundonsight.org/tiff-first-position/ It appears that so far it has only screened in Toronto, but I thought I would ask if anybody has seen it there. Also wanted to let Ballet Talk members know about it.


If there is already a thread on this movie, feel free to merge, I looked and didn't see one started-although it is quite possible I may have missed it.

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It will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in about a week and a half, so I bet only insiders (and those people charged with selecting films for festivals!) have seen it so far.

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Certainly hope this makes it to widespread distribution. It would be great to see as a family flick over the Holidays. Certainly more positive than SYTYCD was this year. Might be a better thing to enjoy with our DKs.

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Thank you gav! I think I'm so excited about it that I thought it HAD been screened already. Well, I can't wait to hear further reviews and I do hope it will come to theaters soon!


I imagine it will also bring some fun, lively discussion here :sweating:

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The premiere is now sold out. The premiere, by the way, is in a theatre that has a dance stage. Seems appropriate, no? :grinning: There's a second screening later in the festival, and I think there are still tickets available to that right now.


If the movie is picked up for distribution, there's a good chance it'll happen at TIFF. It's a huge festival both for known Hollywood films and "unknowns" of all sorts. Lots of industry-types come. In fact, Every Little Step was picked up for distribution here in 2008. (Loved it then, still love it now!) I'll let you know if I hear anything from my festival connections...

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TIFF just announced its awards for the 2011 festival, and First Position was runner-up for the documentary award. Great news for those associated with the film!


I haven't heard anything about distribution, but I haven't spoken to anyone who attended the second screening (yesterday). That's usually when the producers can start dropping hints, if they've been talking with any studios. If I hear anything, I'll report back again.

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Recently posted on their Facebook page that the film will be released to theatres (not just film festivals) in 2012. It has gotten great reviews and the trailer is very intriguing. Hopefully it will have a much broader release and come to our area :)

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