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Documentaries: First Position

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cakers made a good point about what people PERCEIVE as being rewarded, and that perception, if accurate, usually comes from the winner list, photos on website, and movies like this one, which could have spotlighted any of hundreds of wonderful dancers. I'm not saying that the dancers in the film are not very talented, because they are, but it's interesting that they chose some extreme examples. Maybe, though, companies vary in what they seek; some might go for the tricks and others for the lines. In any case, while the dancers in this film probably won't have any difficulty getting contracts, there will be other dancers, not featured in films, who will also get contracts. In the end, that is the goal, right?

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I'm not sure if I can post here --maybe in cross talk--but I could not find a thread there. My daughter saw this with her summer intensive friends and so last night I dragged my non-ballet dancing teenage son with me to see it. We both really enjoyed it. He developed an appreciation for the athleticism, masculinity, and hard work required of the male dancers and we really enjoyed the people. Aside from the dancing, there were some amazing personal stories. Obviously, the dancer who was adopted by her wonderful parents from war torn Sierra Leone and her struggles continuing right up to the NYC competition and the dancer from Columbia. My son really enjoyed the little boy who just was not into ballet and his asian mom and his ballet teacher.

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Hi guys. If you look in The forum Ballet Books,Movies,Videos,Music,Ballets under General Forums there is a thread entitled "Ballet Documentary:First Position" where you will find six pages of discussion on this subject. Here's the link. http://dancers.invis...showtopic=51915

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I saw this film last night with my 16 year old son who knows nothing about ballet and is a stereotypical jock and spends hours listening and watching ESPN and playing anything with a ball. I made him go with me because my daughter is away at a summer intensive. He was very intensely watching the 16 year-old Joan from Colombia and I know he was truly impressed. I don't think he had any idea what was required of a ballet dancer--especially a male ballet dancer. And yes, he noted that Joan had a girlfriend because I think he thinks that most male ballet dancers are gay. So, it was eye opening for him.


He also really enjoyed Miko's brother and I thought his reaction to her mom was interesting. From the first minute he saw her he whispered "oh man is she strict." He rolled his eyes and laughed at her dinner selections and comments on food. He thought it was really nice when she took the blame for Miko's fall and acknowledged that she might be pressuring her too much. He also noted that mom let the brother quit. My daughter went with a group of friends at her SI and said they all were laughing about mom crying when brother quit.


I thoroughly enjoyed the film and enjoyed the experience of seeing it with my non-ballet son.

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This movie was great! I thought It was verry accurate, and really fun to watch!

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What things did you find to be accurate, Kat-Ballet?

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I found that how hard you have to work and push yourself and how hard it is to be accepted into the prestigous world of dance seemed very well portrayed.

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PSB Ballerina

I wanted to get First Position on on demand but I couldn't seem to find it. Does anyone know if its still available there and how to find it?

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We have ATT Uverse. We watched it there like a month ago. Yesterday DD looked for it to watch again and it was no longer there. Have you seen this? You can watch it online.



Only When I Dance (2010) Runtime 1 hr. 17 min.

News and Information~Documentary and Biography


This feel-good documentary follows Irlan and Isabela, two teenagers from the violent favelas of Rio de Janeiro, as they pursue their dreams of becoming professional ballet dancers. This inspiring story takes us from Rio - where their communities must raise the funds to support their ambitions - to exhilarating ballet competitions in New York and Switzerland. It's a film about their determination to dance, and the price one must pay for talent, ambition and success


Here is the link [url=

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We have ATT Uverse and it was only available until August 1 or so. But, I believe it's coming out on DVD sometime in October.

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Does anyone know where I can watch this? Is it being shown in England at all? Can I watch it anywhere online?

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It's supposed to be released on iTunes Oct. 30th. I don't know if it will be available to rent too or if you have to buy it.

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This is available on Netflix streaming now. I just did a search this morning for 'ballet' and it came up-yay! I really enjoyed it :)

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Dance mom of K and J

Bought the dvd for my dd for Christmas and just sat down to watch it. I loved it, it was so interesting. My dd was excited to see the Rock School featured with Michaela since she completed her first SI at Rock last summer and loved Bo and Stephanie Spassoff. It was amazing to see the dedication of the children in this film, I very much enjoyed it, tiger mom and all. ;)

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