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Audition attire?


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I'm going to open auditions for a pre-professional company in a couple of weeks, and I'm trying to get ready as best as I can. I've been stretching and working out and looking into taking some classes before then.


So now onto what to wear. I was thinking the standard black leo and pink tights, is that right? Any suggestions for particular leos that you think are cute or good for an audition?






I've been looking at leotards online, and here are a bunch I like:









The first one is my favorite, and I really like it in the eggplant...

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L-Dub, the most appropriate leotard for an audition is one that is classical (not looking like a bathing suit, for instance), fits you well and looks good on you, and is comfortable. Unless specified in pre-audition literature, it does not have to be black. Just look your best, and then you will feel good and dance better. :devil:

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As I said, it's up to you. In what color do you feel best? Just keep it a solid color, not a print! :o

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