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Do you get sore calves after a break?


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I’m totally behind what Redbookish has said. The standard prescription for dealing with sore muscles resulting from overuse is to stretch the muscles easily and to exercise the sore muscles in a less intense way. Just going back to class and thinking of the soreness in something of a positive way is ideal in my opinion. How you think goes a long way in determining how you feel.


One more thing. It is unbelievably difficult for females to gain muscle mass with exercise even when they are trying. And for those who are trying, the calves are the most difficult muscle group to grow.

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Resurrecting a thread I guess, but I have found that with my sore calves a foam roller does wonders. That or a tennis ball. Getting those pressure points hurts at first, but the next day it feels so much better.

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My calves are killing me it’s been 3 days since my hour and a half ballet class and I can’t even stand up straight without feeling like something is weighing or pulling me down i only have two more days until I go back and it hurts to even lay down so I’m nervous . It hurts so bad I could cry! Please help!!!!?!

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Chasse Away

Do you stretch before and after class? For some reason some teachers don’t tell you this, but you NEED to stretch your calves, quads, glutes, etc. after a ballet class, and not stretching your calves specifically is a sure way to get tendonitis. Some studios don’t give dancers time to stretch after class, and those studios don’t care about their dancers health. Since I’ve started stretching after class I’ve completely avoided injuries (knock on wood).

I’m also assuming you’re at home? So make sure you are dancing on a upper level, and not in the basement that is concrete, since your legs will need to absorb all of the shock. And make sure you are really using the plie in your classes.

For temporary relief, stretch, and heat your calves. 

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