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Pulled Muscle Ouch!

2 Left Feet

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Yikes! My first serious pull in a year and a half and it hurts.


Looks like I over stretched the inside muscle on my thight -- the one that you use to push your leg out into passe, connects right inside at the pelvis? Doesn't hurt too bad but anything involving develope to the side or back is very, very tight and not comfortable. Port de bras to the front in first and fifth (pulled leg in front) is tough as well.


My teacher says I should still come to class and just do what I can. I feel like I should give it a rest for a few days. I'm torn because we're supposed to do partnering after class today and my partner is really lookig forward to it. Been treating with heat and resting it.


Help!? Suggestions for making it go away faster and getting back on my feet again appreciated. Did I mention I'm hate being laid up and whine and make my room mates life miserable when it happens?

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You and me both! I'm laid up with a subluxed shoulder, popped out of joint and then in again. It hurts!:(


If this hasn't been going on for too long, you may still be in the acute phase of injury, when ice will do you a lot more good than heat. Heat is a palliative - that is, it makes it feel better, but to minimize bad effects, ice is necessary the first 72 hours or so. If you missed them, oh, well... You can still do contrast applications, cold, then hot for about 20 minutes each, one right after the other. If the pain is persistent, and you can't do anything about getting relief, then knock off one or two classes, continue the contrast apps, and even maybe see a doctor, as you should with all recurring or persistent pain.:rolleyes:

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If you feel like rest is the best medicine, do it! Although your teacher means well, he/she doesn't live in your body. Especially during the first phase of the injury (3 - 4 days) you don't want to risk making it worse. After it stabilizes, you can experiment to see what limitations it imposes on you.

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Well, it did pop up more than 72 hours after I know it occurred. Then again, I didn't notice it or feel anything until I tried a develope to the side yesterday morning. I hit it with ice right after class. Todays class was a joke. I was so aware of the leg that I really didn't try anything on that side. It didn't really hurt. It was just tender when lifting the knee so I kept it low, but just being aware of it threw me off. My teacher realized it was worse than she thought and left me alone. So, I've been doing the ice thing since and it feels better. I happened to see my chiropractor today so I asked him. He said stay off it for a few days, maybe a week, and to keep the ice packs going.


Oh well. The other half has been on me to paint the office and the bedroom. Guess I know what I'm doing the next few days: :) Sherwin Williams, here I come.

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Guess I'm now sentenced to do a "paint de deux.":D

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Unfortunately for me, it's now paint many "vols." Now we (read ME, not the room mate) need to paint the office and the bedroom both. So much for laying around and resting.:)


But, I did manager to get two days of relative ease and spent much time with ice packs. I don't plan on returning to class until Monday or Tuesday. I do feel like I could head to the gym today for light stretching and maybe a spell in the hot tub. Don't plan on a work out -- maybe upper body, but no legs.

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An excellent idea! Maybe you can come on over and help me when I have to paint the outside of my house this summer!;) Take it easy on the ladder - sometimes a leg injury can make balance dodgy!:eek:

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Or you can do as me:

Take a summer job involving painting... On a 13 floor high building :P Really not as scary as it sounds, we get to drive these really cool cars... like those the fire-squad uses :D

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Thanks, but I'll pass. Heights and I are not friends.


And I think I need to see the chirporactor again. The leg is just not healing despite my best efforts. I'm beginning to think I may have popped it out of alignment somehow instead of a pull. Hopefully I get the the chiro today.

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Guest Anders

Ed, you have to get better before Richmond! (I bet you don't need me to tell you that, though.) Take it easy, and get well. We're rooting for you.



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One room with four "vols" down, one more room to go. I'd forgotten doing the edging work takes so much time. Next time I'll open the yellow pages and hire someone.

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A week off helped. The leg is much better though it's still a bit stiff. I can at least get it into passe with no problem now. Still working on develope a la second. That's going to be another week or so. A few more visits to the chiropractor and I should be fine. My feeling last week that something was stuck rather than it being a pull turned out to be correct. The chiropractor popped it back into place in no time. But, boy, does one lose it in just as week. My class today (a beginning class to ensure I took it easy) made me feel like I'd been off for a month. Yikes.

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