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I would like to know if anyone has any personal experience they can share with regard to any studios in Anchorage that provide quality pre-pro training.

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If I provide the link to the options that are available in our city, would one of the moderators be willing to review our daughter's current program and the other option available. Could someone then advise me if it seems that the quality of training she is receiving is acceptable or if we should consider switching programs to the only other option in the area.


She attended an out-of-state SI this summer and while her technique was not criticized, we were advised that she was lacking in flexibility and needed to be taking more classes. At the time, she was only taking 3 90 minute technique classes per week and one 45 min pointe class. While the studio does not offer additional classes at her level, we were told that she could take Adult Int/Adv classes in addition but no additional pointe work was offered. A new studio is being opened in the town we actually live in. It is being opened by the former Artistic Directer and one of the instructors of our current school. While they will not be offering enough classes at her level to make a complete switch, we were considering supplementing the curriculum she is receiving at the school in Anchorage with another technique class and additional pointe work.


I had already paid for the fall semester at the current school, so making a switch is not an option yet, plus both daughters wanted to audition for the Nutcracker again (this will not be an option if she switches to the other school). However, based on the feedback we received, reading this board and realizing how many days of technique and pointe they should be receiving, along with some frustration with large class size and the widely varying technique level between the majority of the girls in the class and about 5 others, including our daughter, we decided to consider the other option in town as well.


Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!!

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