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Advice on seeking Pas De Deux partner


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Dear All,


First of all, a big thanks - I have been viewing my old messages here over the years, and found out that this forum has always had a good advice and a warm, supporting attitude.

So yes, do applude yourselves. :dry:


I'm seeking you advice once again - I am a dancer from Israel, has been doing Ballet for over a decade now, and had a serious and wonderful Pas De Deux partner for the last couple of years.

Sadly for me, my partner got pregnant and therefore, could not continue with Pas De Deux work. I started working with a new dance partner recently, but it turned out she can't turn out. :wub: - Her technique is weaker than expected and my teacher says she can't do pointe work. :D


and here is the problem: It's extremly hard to find here an exprienced female dancer, that can be en pointe, who is about my age (I'm 34 now), and who is an amature like me (and not in a professional company...they don't have time to dance out of the company).


Any ideas where I can find a Ballerina? (I tried posting ads in dance studios and in some forums online, with little success. the main dance forum in Israel, where I found my previous partner, has closed recently)


BTW, Mel, I looked around here and didn't find a bulletin board to post such an ad in- Am I mistaken?


As Always, Your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated!




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What I would do is make use of my local network of friends; surely your regular partner has some friends - has she any advice for you? Look in your classes - is there anybody you'd like to dance with? You should be able to see your prospective co-worker before you ask. It reduces potential hurt feelings which would naturally proceed from computerized contact from the unseen. Personal contact is always more useful than networking through a cyber-bulletin board, which we are not.

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Dear Mel,


Your advice paid off! :)


It took a while, but last week I had a first and rather successful PDD lesson with an 18 years old ballerina, whom I met through a teacher who is a friend of my teacher!

Although there were some concerns about the age difference, but she is very mature and serious, and without jinxing it - this looks like it might work out! keep your fingers (but not your feet!) crossed.

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