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Question about New Intermediate Foundation


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I have been taking open adult classes and asked my teacher about her RAD syllabus classes.


She suggested that I try the IF class and I'm wondering how difficult it will be or what I'm expected to know going in. I'm a total beginner (started in March) and was taking Grade 3/4 classes for a few months before switching studios where I took open adult classes, in my current studio, that are a lot more challenging than the Grade 4 classes I took previously.


I'm going to try the class next week but can't find much information about what I should expect.


Thanks in advance.



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I've just attended a course to learn the new syllabi and I think you'll find it much more enjoyable and challenging, as an adult beginner, than the old IF syllabus would have been for you. I have to teach it to 11 and 12 year olds, who have been dancing for some years, and I think I will have fun working with them on it (which is not how I would describe teaching the old syllabus!). There are far less exercises, so it's not so brain congealing trying to remember everything, but on the other hand the basic vocabulary dance steps still have to be learnt in order to start learning the set exercises. It's dancier and moves more, but still emphasises the use of strong basic classical technique, so it should be good for you. If you know the steps in Grade 3/4, it wont be too much of a jump for you, although we teach it after Grade 5, not Grade 4. Good luck!

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And if you google or search on YouTube "RAD Intermediate Foundation", you'll find quite a few demonstration videos. They may be inaccurate now, with what Hamorah's said about the revised syllabus, but they'll give you a sense of the level of technical difficulty.

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I checked on youtube and I couldn't find anything from the new syllabi - I think it's generally only being taught from this year, so there won't be any videos out yet. There is a very short extract from the IF ports de bras on the RAD site. Click on shop and then DVD's and it should come up.

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Thanks for the replies. I had checked youtube for new IF videos, but didn't see anything. All I found was the preview from the RAD New IF dvd. But I have looked at the older IF videos and they seem doable.

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