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Front Splits/Grand Jeté Troubles

Guest *ShiningStar*

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Guest *ShiningStar*

When I do the front splits in class, my hips always twist towards my back hip, and I can't get both of my hips to face forwards. Does anyone know a way to fix this?


My grand jeté also needs serious help. I always have problems with my back leg (trying to get it up into the air at the same height as my front leg) and going into a full split during the jump. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix these two problems?

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Don't bother fixing it. It is not necessary to square the hips in a split. Splits are not classical vocabulary, and even in classicism, it is not necessary perfectly to square the hips in arabesque because that's an anatomical impossibility.

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I've decided to address the grand jeté as a separate issue, because even though it may look like it's related, it's not as connected as you might think. A grand jeté begins with a grand battement to the front, but it is combined with an extremely vigorous jump from the back foot and leg which transfers weight to the leg in front. As the dancer leaves the ground in the jump, the back leg also performs a sort of grand battement to the rear, but the battement should not cut into the flow of the leap. If you are trying to square your hips in the latter part of this step in order to get a perfect split in the air, forget it! It's not necessary.

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And don't forget that a grand jeté must travel through the air, not just go up and split! In order to get the back leg up, the body needs to be moving up and OVER and continue moving.


ShiningStar, if you can spend a bit of time here to read previous topics, we have a whole lot of information on splits, grand jetés, and of course turn out, which you brought up in a separate thread. :devil:

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Guest *ShiningStar*

Okay. Thanks alot about that. My teacher also says that a grand jeté is a grand battement to the front and back - done simultaneously. That method didn't seem to work for me though. The way you described it is rather similar, but it has a few differences that could help me more.


And thankyou as well Ms. Leigh. I have actually read through most of those topics, and did not find anything incredibly useful. As well as this, I only created 'Turnout Control' because I couldn't find anything that could help me in the 'ROTATION AND TURN OUT' sticky that was created. But hey, I've got some pretty great ideas of what I can do to improve these aspects of my dancing now!


Thanks again to both of you for your help! :o

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