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Basic versus Beginner adult class


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The studio I go to offers multiple levels of ballet (basic, beg, int, adv) for open classes. I have sporadically taken the basic level throughout this past summer. I've learned a lot, but I am worried that I won't be challenged enough to improve, if I stay in the basic class. I am hesitent about the beginner class because I hear they are "adv beginner" classes. I enjoy ballet, bit I still have a long way to go. Should I bite the bullet and take the challenge of the beginner class or stay in the basic class and work on technique?

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Take both! I love taking all levels of classes. Also, if you're in one that's challenging and makes you feel a little depressed sometimes, then you'll always feel better when the next day you're in a class where everything's familiar. After awhile, you'll find the harder class to be a comfortable level too (meaning improvement!).

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This is good advice.


It was funny because today was our first class of the new "semester"....the adult classes don't have a break time, but just keep going. We had a lot of new faces there. It made me really feel good that I could see how far I've come in a short time. The clueless new person was me 3 months ago. It was very hard at first, but now I can keep up no problem.


Best advice to a true beginner...accept the fact that you may look silly at times as you attempt something new. Attempt it anyway. All of your classmates, teachers, etc have also looked silly at some point as well. Don't be scared to try.


It does get easier as you put the time into it. Learn to do the basics correct and the rest is just combinations of these. Keep coming to class!

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So I took the beginner level class over the basic class this week. There are many good dancers in the beginners class. I was mostly able to keep up. I had never done any even closely related to a piorette in the basic class and we had to do a few of them. I did the slow prep part fine, but the actual turn needs a lot of work.


Man...somehow I went from taking 1 ballet class a week (or every other week if I had to work)...and now I am taking 3 ballet classes a week (plus 1 tap). I've been bitten by the dancing bug!

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LOL! That's how it happens, kr12...that first ballet class is a gateway drug that lead down the path of getting hooked :lol: I also like taking different levels of class to fill out my week and my learning. The challenging class lets you see where things are going and what is expected at the next level, the class at your level works on where you are, and the lower level class is a great way to "clean up" and reinforce and work on the many little things that you are newly aware of. It also gives you a 360-degree perspective on your progress thus far and what you are aiming towards!

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Man...somehow I went from taking 1 ballet class a week (or every other week if I had to work)...and now I am taking 3 ballet classes a week (plus 1 tap). I've been bitten by the dancing bug!


I hate to tell you but the bug never stops biting... :lol:

One a week was great when I started, it then became 3 a week, it progressed to 4 a week which I was very happy with... now it is 5 a week and I am investigating adding in at least 2 private lessons per month as well. :)

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