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Hello again :blink: I have yet another question:


I am constantly trying to work on my ballon, and sometimes it just clicks for me and I can bounce through an excercise (it feels good and looks good :thumbsup: ) but other days it just doesn't work (like pirouettes!). Is there anything I can do to make this more consistent? I know demi plies and working through feet are important; is there anything else I am missing?


Thankyou thankyou :D

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The fact that it is inconsistent is what stands out to me. Do you have different music that seems to inspire you at times, and then maybe not so much? Or is it when you're tired that you can't get it?

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I do feel that when I'm especially tired it doesn't work (but that's to be expected), although even on some 'good days' I feel like no matter how much I try to get off the floor, I just can't manage it (maybe I'm over-trying :blink: ). Also, music might be the cause. If it's too fast I have to lower the height of the jump to stay musical, and some pieces are nicer to dance to than others...

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It's most likely just the normal cycle of things.... sometimes we have good 'dance' days, sometimes we have 'not-so-good' dance days. Some of it can be hormonal; some of it related to growth spurts; some of it just to the Muses- provided your quality and quantity of training is quite good. :)

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That's probably just it :thumbsup: . One more question (not really related :) ): What do you mean when you say "just to the Muses..." ? I always thought a muse is what provided inspiration for an artwork. Is this to do with the origin of the word (i.e. the nine muses of Greek mythology), so it's basically saying that it's the will of the Gods? :innocent:

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Yep!!!! The muses as inspiration came later.

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