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Posture issues!


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Hi there everyone!


I am a 30yr old adult learner and absolutely LOVE ballet! I am desperate to do my RAD intermediate exmination and my mission is to do this within the next 12months! With 8hrs of private lessons a week I am hopeful I may get there!


Okay so here is my concern.....I know I am capable of doing the syllabus required in ballet and progressing well. However, I am constantly aware that my back isnt the straightest! Over the years I havent made the effort to stand stright and this has resulted in me having poor posture :-(


I am so desperate to do an exmanation but am worried that my poor posture will just not allow me to pass?


Any thoughts or suggestions on how I can help improve my posture?


Thanks for reading!



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Since you're taking eight hours a week of RAD syllabus, listen to your teacher and apply the corrections, both in and outside of class. You can't do everything all the time, but it doesn't take much except to think of it and do it to "keep the spine as long as possible." There are many aspects of alignment and placement that work just fine in the lay world, so go ye and do! :blink:

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