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Black Swan Costume


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So I was thinking of going as Black Swan for Hallowe'en as the make up would be so fun to do!!!! The main problem is the price of the tutu but I found an unembellished black practise tutu here for a LITTLE less cost; http://www.russianpointe.com/products/prac...php?page_id=412

I could sew on feathers, etc.. and have a lot of fun with that!

But what about shoes for a costume that I would have to feel comfortable in all night??? I have an old pair of Blochs (Pointes) that are too bit for me and therefore feel like bedroom slippers and obviously I wouldn't be en pointe at any time in the evening....so might that work?

Or should I just wear shoes that kind of have the look of ballet shoes that are light pink sandals with leather "ribbons" going up the ankle...but they are high heels...not sure..

Any ideas would be welcome! :)

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What about satin ballet slippers with ribbons? The classical look but so much more comfortable than pointe shoes.

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And there's much cheaper rehearsal tutus out there. $180 seems steep to me for a Halloween costume.

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Thanks...I guess I could use the tutu skirt with a black leotard?

There are some cheap Black swan costumes out there that are a bit tarty! ;)

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Hey! I did this two years ago, but to an extreme. I had "wings" and a mask that I made myself, wore deep yellow/orange tights so I had bird legs. It even had a beak... I taught my childrens' classes in costume. I wore the Sansha rehearsal tutu (which if you don't already own it, it's a good investment. It's the go to rehearsal tutu that lasts really well). Of course, all the pre pro students are required to have a rehearsal tutu, so it wasn't something I had to spend extra on, but I did sew an overlay of black feathers and made a black peacock feather tail that jut out from the back. We called it, "Odile's even evil-ler twin."

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LaFille Sylphide... you made my day :grinning: just thinking about a black tutu with orange legs... I am going to keep this mental image going all day because it is just superb :thumbsup:

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That IS great, indeed!!!! :D

Any ideas for what my boyfriend can be if i am Black Swan?? He doesn't have to be from Swan Lake....or the movie Black Swan....something clever...

that might compliment my costume!

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The best part about the mustard tights were that they were on deep discount at Target (a general sells everything store in the States). I got them for $2 because who would ever want yellow-orange legs? Haha! My matching yellow-orange felt beak was pretty awesome too.


Matching costume could be a chicken suit or giant hard boiled egg.

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I think he should go as a 'hunter' ala Elmer Fudd in Bugs Bunny. At least it's a little more manly of a costume.


Have fun!

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I love that you are going as Black Swan!! I plan to be a white swan--very cheap costume: cheap white tutu from old costume, white leotard, and I ordered a kit to make a white swan headpiece (swan lake style). I am planning to wear ballet tights & probably some silver ballet flats (they are the only ballet flats that I have). So I didn't have to buy anything except the headpiece (which is good because money is tight as I'm finishing school).

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Thanks Tiffany! And White Swan will be cool too! There are some great ideas for the make up for both on YOUTUBE! I got a black rehearsal tutu and a corset type top and also a gothic style tiara from E bay for cheap! My boyfriend WILL be dressing as Rothbart!!! FUN!! But where can we find him a scary black beak...or how to make one??

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Maybe just make a beak out of black construction paper? Or if you search "black beak mask" on ebay, there are several, & some are only $10.

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marthastewart.com had a tutorial on how to make a raven beak that was really cool! Other bird beaks are listed on the site as well, so you can modify to your liking. I can't remember exactly where the links are, but just use the search engine on the site.

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