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Rehearsal tutu


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Everyone seems to love the Sansha rehearsal tutu! see link;




To any of you who have bought it, does it stick out nice and stiffly or flop there like a dead duck!? I bought a cheaper one a while ago and it is like a little girl's dress up tutu :)


Would you highly recommend this one as a nice looking professional one or do you have other recommendations? I can spend up to $100 or so if it's really nice maybe a smidgen more.


For example, for those of you who know, is this one any nicer or a waste of extra money? http://www.dancefirst.com.au/catalog/produ...a93877993c9e544


But if the Sansha is as nice as they come, then why spend more, obviously!?


I want something that could be used on stage in a pinch.


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I like the Sansha 'Carlotta' professional tutu which has 9 layers instead of 7, style DF004.


link: http://www.dancex.com/category.jsp?id=90&a...p;gname=Dresses - Tutus


The picture is not accurate so read the descriptions for DF004 vs DF005 which is a 7 layer tutu. Discount Dance only carries the Sansha 'Paquita' DF005 pre-professional tutu with the 7 layers.


It does stand out nicely but you can tack the layers if you want it to be even more 'pancake' looking without hoops.

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Thanks Kristine! Do you know why the 7 layer and 8 layer are the same price?

What size would you recommend for 5 foot 6 height and waist of about 27" and does it have the panty part included or not?

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Did you see the "Odile" tutu? It's a bit spendy, but it's nice.

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Rehearsal tutus come in all qualities and prices, but if you're using it and abusing it often, and need bang for your buck, go for the Sansha Carlotta. I LOVE it. It absolutely does not hang like a dead duck (though you should store it well, don't just toss it in the closet). It looks quite nice when tacked. The girls at my old school tended to tack the tutu to tame the fluffiness.


However, if you are willing to spend a little more, the Tutu Etoile rehearsal tutus are quite lovely. They have hook and eye closures and are also hooped. Quite nice. There's also the Conservatory tutu and even more pricey, the Grishko tutu. These brands are all fabulous, but like I said... upwards of $150.

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Thanks Kristine! Do you know why the 7 layer and 8 layer are the same price?

What size would you recommend for 5 foot 6 height and waist of about 27" and does it have the panty part included or not?

The price was actually a few dollars higher when I ordered it. I think they are overstocked and changed the price, probably because the picture is so lame. We purchased the size 5 for my DD and she has a 24" waist and 27" hips. I think it runs a little small compared to leotard sizing. The panty is attached. It is elastic waist with no hooks/eyes.


Correction, DD has 32" hips and we ordered a size 5 and it fit well. She normally wears an XS or S leotard.

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http://www.backbaydancewear.com/catalog_i7...ml?catId=161337 Sansha Carlotta Tutu


http://www.backbaydancewear.com/catalog_i8...ml?catId=161337 14" Algy Pancake tutu


I am trying to figure out which of the above would be nicer? I want to have an attractive tutu for practice, pictures and a few other reasons. I have decided with help on here, that the Carlotta would suit my needs but now have come across this Algy one so am confused again! And 12" or 14" if I decide on the Algy?


Any thoughts which would look nicer and be better quality. The pictures and the prices make it so hard to figure out. I feel like I am back at square one!!!!


I really want one that will last a long time...I find that if I spend less, things don't seem to last at all :blink:

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All of the ballet mistresses that I have sewn for prefer the 14" for general use. So...I would go 14" which at least would be more like a performance tutu.

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The Algy tutu is only 4 layers vs 9 layers so it would be less fluffy. Also, I have ordered from Back Bay and they are a little on the slow side (6 weeks) where danceex.com is much faster. I would go with the Sansha Carlotta and hand tack it if you want it more pancake like and less fluffy/bell like tutu.


I am not a huge on-line consumer but I would just go ahead and order one, play with it at home and return it if you aren't happy. You could probably sell it to someone else if you find something you like better.

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BlleFille - get the Sansha.

You'll need to steam it once it comes out of the bag. If you do not have a steamer - fill your iron with water, set it to high, then shoot steam on the net layer by layer (DO NOT SET THE IRON ON THE NET, IT WILL MELT). It will take the tutu from powder puff, to pancake. You can hand tack it to keep the layers from dancing about.... The tutu will look nice for rehearsals, and even on stage.

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Wow, no no no on only 4 layers. 4 Layers will immediately droop (no support) and become a play tutu in no time.

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Thanks! Sansha it shall be!!! How can I figure out sizing? There is not a lot of info at DanceEx. I am thinking large for a 26"waist? Even though I am a 4/6 for tops and a 6/8 for jeans street size, this usually translates to a large in dance wear...at least it does in leotards.

What sizes do you guys get in practice tutus?


How do you tack the tutu? What do you use?

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Take a deep breath! Sansha has its own website and size charts. http://www.sansha.com


For tacking, do a search.


There is a lot of information on the forum about tacking, and about practice tutus.

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