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Studio closing. What to do?


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We have been told that DDs studio will be closing at the end of this month. DD11 wants to continue her training & I am exploring other options (we're in the Dallas/Fort Worth area). However, I'm a bit torn & looking for some less emotion-based feedback.


DDs teacher (who we love greatly & respect as a teacher) will be teaching ballet at another studio until the end of 2011. At this point I feel we have 2 options:


1. Put her in at the studio where former teacher is teaching for the next few months. Its a competition school & a bit Dolly Dinkle but we feel the training we would get from her instructor is excellent, even for just a few months. After that we could move her to one of the schools in the area we're considering. The downsides are that it would lower the number of hours she would be taking for a few months and it might just make it more difficult when dance teacher finally leaves (she's moving). Another plus IMO is that with the fewer hours we'd have more time to try out other studios.


2. Move her directly to another dance studio after the end of this month. I've have 3 schools in mind & I'm thinking a visit/class drop-in would cement that decision. The downside is that all 3 studios are doing Nutcrackers & this will be our first year in about 6 years of not doing Nut and I think it would be really hard for her to be around all these kids rehearsing & she can't do it. Also, I'd really like to get those last few months that I can with her current teacher as I believe she is very good. I do wonder if we can visit all 3 studios in the next few weeks.


Thank you for any feedback. I realize that what makes sense in my head might not in this post so please ask if anything is not clear.

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*Knock Knock*


I don't know if I can post here as a teacher. Moderators please move if necessary.

I am from the Dallas/Fort Worth area and think that I can be of some help. (I actually think I know the exact situation that you are talking about.) I don't have PM privileges yet but if the moderators will let me I will post my email address so that you can contact me.


Again, sorry I am posting in the wrong place.

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Ballet Mistress, I'll send your email address to cowgrrl in pm.

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Sorry to hear of your situation. Changing schools under any circumstance is a difficult one.


I would move her to the school you will be with long term right away. (Well, when your current school closes.) You will only have to deal with one change and your DD will get to building relationships, both student and instructor, sooner. She will also have the opportunity to get familiar to their syllabus sooner.


On the Nut issue: See if the director will allow her to help in another aspect of the production. Quite often we have students who are relocated after casting and if they show an interest we involve them in the production how ever we can. It has been wonderful for the new student and the current student body is usually very welcoming. She is a younger student so there might not be too much for her but it is worth a discussion when you find your school. We have even had new students and their families ask if they can help with fundraising as well as parents volunteer to help. Definately shows to the other students, parents, and director that you are a team player. We have also had new students "cover" roles. (I do not use the term "understudy". Just a preference but it has the sense you are under someone which for me is not the case.) We are quite clear that they will not be performing but it makes them a part of the production. AND, injuries do happen. We have had a new student end up in the performances: :grinning: .


Even if the director won't allow the above keep in mind that the training is more important than the performances. She will be better served if she gets to her training even if she has to sit out 1 Nutcracker. Trust me, there will be others!

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I agree with gcwhitewater. Changing once would be easier if she's only doing it once and starting with her new routine, new friends, new teachers, etc.


I know Nutcracker would be difficult as it sounds like she loves to perform, but again, gcwhitewater had a great idea to help pit in another aspect with the assurance that she'll be on the stage again very soon. Good luck!

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Thanks for the input. We've decided to step back & slow down & take our time. Since we don't have to worry about Nut this year I think I'm going to explore & give it some serious thought.


We are NOT going to do the few months with her former teacher & then transition. We're going to go ahead & do the switch. It still may be November or the first of the year before we decide but I still think it will be better than switch then switch again.

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Coming from a slightly different angle ...


We have had 2 or 3 studios in our area close in the years that DD has been dancing (about 7), and each time our studio was able to absorb SOME of the girls. However, there are only so many spots available, and some girls have had trouble getting into the better schools. My advice would be to make the switch as soon as possible. It's still early enough in the year for her to adjust, and then you know she'll have a spot where she wants to be.

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