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Will my toes get wrecked like ballerinas in films?


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Hello all,

I am a 26yo guy who will be taking his first beginner adult ballet class on Monday. I signed up to the forum some time ago as I planned to start with my sister in January earlier in the year but we flaked. I am slightly apprehensive as I have not a clue what the age, dress-code, gender-demographic will be and will be going alone as my sister is moving overseas soon. I plan to take both workout and traditional ballet wear and see how others dress.


A couple of years ago I was run training and ran a couple of marathons (for some masochistic reason), I cut my toe nails away to stop the constant ingrowing running causes, they have grown back now (mostly). Will ballet also wreck them like in movies or is that only girls on pointe? should I just annihilate them again? Do beginner ballet classes require consulting with podiatrist/physiotherapist about this and other risks of foot/leg injury? I will be taking only a 80min class once each week.





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Hi, Dan, and welcome to active posting at Ballet Talk for Dancers! :yucky:


You won't do the same things with your feet in ballet that women do, so you won't do the same things to your feet that happens to them. Don't do your own bathroom surgery on your toenails! Get into the practice of going to the podiatrist, and let the doctor teach you what you can and can't do for yourself, and the way to do it. It isn't necessary for beginning ballet, but it's a good general practice for life if you have any history of recurring foot issues.


Discovering what the "contemporary community standards" are in your area for adult students is a good idea. We can help with the standard practices in the wider world, but you can do your own investigation of what's usual around you.

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I did not start dancing intensely until my university studies were complete. My feet grew from 9.5 US to 11 US. took a few years to notice the gradual growth. I assume the muscles in my feet grew, versus the bones in my feet.


My feet look fine.

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First class was pretty good, my toes are fine, knee is a lil' sore as to be expected. There was another male in the class who also just started which was some comfort.

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Even if you were to do pointe, films greatly exaggerate what happens. One of the funniest scenes in Center Stage (to me) is the one in which the film's heroine is practicing some simple bourrees, and then she takes off her shoes, and her toes are covered in ketchup. :rolleyes:


Pointe work causes calluses and perhaps the occasional blister, but if done correctly you should not have bruised toenails or blood or anything like that.

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