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Does my classes even help??

Guest Makayla

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Guest Makayla


I am wondering if I should be feeling like I am...

I feel right now, as if I am not exactly getting anywheres fast in ballet. I know that I can't just skip grades, because that would cause me to miss out on learning things that I would be using in the future classes. Are my classes supposed to seem kind of.. slow? They seem to me as if I could be getting somewhere faster.

My barre exercises are VERY simple to me now. Sometimes after class the teacher lets us try some elementary barre, and it is awsome! I absolutly love it... but I know that I can't skip from grade 5 to Elementary. I just feel that THAT is the level I should be at.

I've also been thinking, is there really A LOT of point in exercising at home? I feel strong enough to do anything I am doing in my technique and pointe classes, so should I still exercise? I feel like I have no modivation for this, if there's nothing to work towards to be able to do.


Does this all sound right?

I'm a little confused :)

Sorry for this being so long, and kind of... different from most questions!


(ps-I cannot change studios, because the only other studio that is near me only relies on stage presence, and not tequnique.. But I may be able to talk to my teacher and change things around. She gives personal classes if she has the schedule. Does it sound as if I should opt to doing that? Maybe I need a quicker paced class?)

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It doesn't sound like anything's really wrong - you've bounced into a grade five from what when you began about say, two years ago? You're doing fine. As to your teacher not allowing you to go faster than a certain speed or rate of advancement, that's proper, too. You want to be able to go into Elementary or Pre-elementary, to use the old terms, with sufficient strength and technique to do the work. Nothing at all wrong with progressing from grade five to Elementary when your teacher thinks the time is right.


Practice at home is probably not really great for somebody at grade five, unless you just do simple, simple things and work for mastery of them. You still need the "eye outside the self" - the teacher - to help you until you develop your own.


"There is no ballet fairy that will pop in through your window and POOF! - you're a ballet dancer. Nor is there any pill, concoction, DEcoction, infusion, elixir, tincture, or stew that will bring on dancerhood in a hurry. Go to class, and work hard and work smart!"

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Guest Makayla

Thank-you! I will work hard at the rate I am going at now.


As for the exercising at home, I meant more as in strengthening exercises like resistaband and pilates stuff, not so much ballet, but now that I think about it... the stronger the better right? (as long as it's the right *dancer* muscles and done properly)


Thank-you very much for you quick reply, and useful information! :)

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Oh, heavens, yes, Pilates mat work and Resistabands are just super. :) That's right about the muscles, too - as with so much in life, if you do the right thing the right way, all will be well!:rolleyes:

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Guest ballet_shalom_forever

I've also heard great things about Pilates and Yoga, too. They offer classes at my local YMCA and I might sign up for some next year. I have a few dancer friends who do Yoga and say the exercises are great for muscles and stress relieve. Hey, if some studios offer it (like Pilates at one of them in my area) there's got to be a good reason! ;)

Good luck :)

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