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Achilles Flexibility & Warmup

Guest ReverentDancer

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Guest ReverentDancer

As a thirteen-year-old, the flexibility I have in my achilles tendon is (let’s face it) limited. However, I have a feeling that the amount of stretch I could use from my achilles tendon would increase by tonnes if I warmed this muscle up.


So the question is: How can I warm up my achilles tendon before class?


Also, are there any stretches I can do to improve the flexibility in my achilles tendon?



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The achilles stretches when the foot is flexed, so the main stretch is demi plié. I like to use a first position demi plié and "pulse" it...that is, two or three pliés in a row without straightening in between. Not pushing, just gently allowing the plié to happen as naturally as possible.


You can also work with a theraband before class, with the pointe and flex action. The achilles stretches on the flex, the instep stretches on the pointe. Win Win situation. :lol:


You can't force the achilles, you have to work slowly and very intelligently. The depth of the plié is not nearly as important as the quality of the plié. Remember, it's main use is to get you to where you want to go, whether it is on pointe or in the air. It needs to have a freedom and a release to it to allow whatever movement is to come from it. :)

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Guest ReverentDancer

Thankyou for your rapid response, Ms. Leigh.


I am sure this will help with my work tremendously. Also, there is another girl at my studio who also was interested in this topic (though I can't imagine why - she is a very hard worker and very beautiful to watch), so she also will be interested to know how she can improve on this aspect of dance.



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