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Edward Villella Leaving Miami City Ballet

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Wow, that's huge news. I wish Mr. Villella the very best.

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Mr. Villella has built an incredible company, he leaves with a legacy that will last generations.

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That is strange. the MCB press release says ' Villella is leaving to continue his professional life.'


Guess we will have to see how it all plays out!

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Very cool! Just goes to show MCB can make watching paint dry interesting! I just can't imagine MCB without Mr. Villella! He's definitely made his mark on Miami....

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The articles I've read state that MCB is expected to name Villella's replacement this spring. Villella will remain Artistic Director till April 2013.

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This whole situation breaks my heart. As a parent of a dancer who was accepted to Miami City Ballet's SI with a scholarship, I have gone back and forth on whether to send him for perhaps the last opportunity to study with a legend or to not go, because we can't afford to "waste" a summer with drama. Villella is a legend in the ballet world and to treat this man with any disrespect makes me angry.


As a patron of the arts, I would be reluctant to support the company without his vision and in tough economic times this should be a strong consideration for the board. It seems to me there has to be a better way to get a transition plan in place without destroying this company!

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Does anyone really know WHY he is leaving? I've heard everyone from a board recommendation that he retire due to age, to some crazy power-struggle drama which resulted in forced resignation . . . It's a little weird.

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There are now several 'stories', theories, and official statements in the various media links posted in this thread. Anything else is nothing but :gossip: and speculation---something we try not to engage in here on BT4D.

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