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As promised I will tell you the whole story here :thumbsup:


I arrived late. I wanted to arrive more than an hour earlier to find the place, to eat and drink something before the audition but no, trains were late, I missed the Intercity because my Regional train was late. The Intercity I took afterwards was late too and the taxi was blocked in the city because of fashion week. I called them (they had a specific number for such reasons so I guess I am not the first and only one to arrive late). I had to be there at 10 am to get my number, I arrived at 10 29, one minute before the audition started *phew* :sweating:


Thank Good the were in the hall distributing numbers and since I changed in the train toilet, I made it in time into the classroom. As you can imagine, I did very bad, extremly bad, I was still trembling from running (at least I was warmed up :thumbsup: ).


We did very easy exercises, just a few at the barre and we were always interrupted to answer theorical question (e.g. How many kinds of grand battements do you know? What stretches would you do with kids for their feet? How exactly works the coordination of the arm with the legs in grand plié when doing the port de bras en dedans? How is this position/step called?)


Not really difficult question but when you are standing there nervouse you will have blackouts and things :rolleyes:


Anyway. I would have kicked me out but obviously they were satisfied with my "performance" in class and I was invited to the interview. This one went good (I think so...). They asked me question like Why have you chosen us? Did you work with pianists? Have you danced professionally? What was the teacher who impressed you the most and why?


Well, now I am waiting for them to call me.


I really loved the place. I think if a Spaceship would land in their courtyard, the aliens would think that the human race is slim, long legged with a long neck and females are born with a bun, warm ups are the normal uniform and everyone is extremely well educated. It was like being on another planet - planet ballet! :thumbsup:

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ah, the trains!! We have all missed important things because of them! :rolleyes:

I am glad for you that you made it on time for the class, though you were of course flustered and nervous! Good for you for carrying on!

I will "keep my fingers crossed" (or, in Germany - thumbs-pressed) for you! Let us know what you find out, o.k.?



p.s. "planet ballet" - great! :thumbsup:

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They called me yesterday and the lady on the phone told me that I will start by the end of october. It was a really funny phonecall. I think she was happy with me because when I said that I am happy to hear this great news she said "that's lovely to hear" and I could "hear" her smile on the other end of the line.


Now I have to organize many many things but I am positive that everything will be good in the end. I am looking forward to see some of the people who were at the audition. When we were waiting outside and those who had done came out to tell how it went and left the place, everyone was like "hope to see you all HERE in this place".


I have worked for this more than a year (or more than 20 years if you want to) and I am happy that my efforts brought me so far.


PS: See you on planet ballet :thumbsup:

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Wow! super! congrats! I hope you will tell us more about it as the time comes!


how cool to be going to "planet ballet"!


(where my younger dd is at fulltime ballet school it also looks a bit like that, really neat)



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Fantastic Claude. Please keep us posted on how you are enjoying yourself and all that you are learning!!!

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You've been working hard for this. Congratulations on the next step along your career path.

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Many congratulations, Claude. This is wonderful news. I hope you'll go on to inspire others through your teaching, as you have been inspired and nurtured by your teachers.


I do think one of the nastiest sayings in the English language is the mean-spirited "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." Teaching is a way of life and thinking and philosophy, and most of us have had teachers in our lives who have been fundamental in shaping who we are (not for nothing is the word "guru" often used to talk about teachers).


PS. I laughed (sorry) to read of the trains being late. Here in the UK, we are so use to thinking that it's only British trains that run late, and that those on the Continent are always a model of absolute efficiency and time-keeping.

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Thanks to everyone :ermm:


Of course I will keep you updated. I think it will be a adventurouse journey and I will learn a lot, not just teaching but in general for life. Yes, teaching is a lifestyle, a philosophy and also an artform. I had good and bad teachers and from every single one I learnt something.

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