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How many hours of just ballet technique and pointe should a dancer take per week (not including other types of dance)? DD is 14.

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Houston Ballet is the place to go, backstagemom. I saw your other post, so I understand the difficulty of the transportation problem, but don't give up before trying. Take her there and find out what level she would be in and when those classes meet. She is 14, so there is a possibility that there are even buses that could get her there, and then you could pick her up. Or car pools. Just don't write it off without trying. It is a really top school. The training is as good as it gets.

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I'm wondering if my daughter is receiving too much pointe right now? She will be 13 in a few months. She went on pointe briefly for a short time two years ago and then went off for two years. She has been back on for about 6 weeks and is up to around 4.5 hours a week generally after technique class. she reports no problems or pains or discomfort. This seems pretty fast to me. If she seems fine and pain free is there any reason to worry about the amount of time?

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