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Arms in consecutive chainne turns


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I have three teachers. One teaches that the arms stay closed in first during consecutive chainne turns. The other teaches to open slightly between each turn. The third teacher says do it however you feel comfortable. :ermm: Can I get a verdict as to which is the correct way to do the arms?




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You cannot do fast consecutive chaine turns if you open arms out on every turn even a little bit - it simply slows you down. When you first learn them you break them down into half turns and then maybe you might use the arms, but if you look at professional dancers I don't think you'll find any who move their arms on chainees apart from the first one. You can of course have your arms open and slowly close them into first as you turn, you can turn with them anywhere, but generally first is used.

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I second Hamorah's comments.


If you try and "open" the arm sbetween each chaines you will loose your momentum, and it will probably result is a "step, step, step, step" feeling in your chaines, rather than a continuous flow.

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