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Where to find pink Clara nightgown costume?


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My 8 year old dd has made up her mind to be Clara for storybook character day. Last year she was a snow princess from the Nutcracker...which was easy!


I can sew but never had I've sewn on nylon. I've looked all over ebay and can't find anything similar. I an unable to order from the costume companies! If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it :innocent: Thanks. She is willing to wear a pary dress from the party scene but I can't find anything like that either. The dresses our studio uses also look like nylon dress costumes.



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If you decide to sew on nylon, before you cut out your pattern first lay the fabric out on a piece of plastic drop cloth and spray it with starch. Let it dry and it will be nice and stiff and so easy to cut and then sew. Just wash it out before your little dd wears it. Good luck! If you decide to go the party girl route, try going to Goodwill or The Salvation Army, buy a prom dress, cut it down, hem it, buy a piece of fabric for a nice big sash and tie a big ol' bow in the back, tightening up any looseness in the bodice. If this is really a one day thing, don't make yourself crazy, I'm sure she'll be thrilled with whatever you do!

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If you get a plain white nightgown (think white flannel) like a Lanz nightgown, with white ballet slippers/flats, hair down with a simple ribbon, voila Clara! She would be warm and comfortable! She could carry a nutcracker (Christmas Tree Shops always seem to have them) so there would be no confusion.


Good Luck!

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Thanks...your suggestion got me thinking...I had to look no further than her closet. She has two heirloom Strasburg dresses that my husband always teased looked like nightgowns...although they are not the correct color one will do! Add satin ribbon to the dresses, get a nutcracker from the attic and put in the fake hair ringlets and she will be Clara.

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