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I am not sure if this is the right place for this topic.


I am quite bowlegged. When I stand in parallel, there is at least an inch or two space between my legs. It's genetic. I understand it can mean that my legs are stronger than others especially for allegro (I doubt this though). But my knees point at about a 45 degree angle between front and side. So anytime I go into first position, my legs look turned in. And fifth position feels a bit awkward. When I plie, my knees go forward even though I am at 180 degrees.


Is there a way to change this? I have pretty good rotation, but it doesn't really show. My teachers get on me for this and tell me to turn out more and straighten my knees (I do not have hyperextension). Do I just need to work on turn out more? Or is there really nothing I can do about this?



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Perhaps it's time to find teachers who know a bit more about anatomy?

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So sorry, Dansant, but this is the YD forum. I had to remove your post.


You could be right about tibial torsion, but I also think that the student may not have learned how to rotate from the hips. Sounds to me like she is turning her feet out well beyond what her legs are capable of handling. That is why the question, from Clara 76, to the poster about needing a different teacher. Even if it is tibial torsion, this should be recognized by the teacher.

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