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Advice/Lessons: 15 Truths about being a Professional

GTLS Designs

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Thank you! I emailed the link to my daughter!!

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Ha! A friend just posted this as well, and I see much in it that I want my daughter to read.


Thank you GTLS...well worth sharing!

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Absolutely love it! Especially #15. :(


I will share this with my DDs! Thank you for sharing this.

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I like that! Thank you!

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Thanks for the link. Sent it to my daughter. I think it is valid to apply these points to life even if ballet becomes your avocation.

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Thank you for sharing the link. These 15 Truths are universal to any career. I can easily replace "dancer" with "IT Professional" and the truths apply equally to the corporate world of employees and consultants. :)

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Thanks! Lovely! Have send to dd and also to her studio.

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