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I take on average about 5 open adult ballet classes a week, each lasting 1.5 hours. I also take two pointe classes of an hour each.

I would really love to know how well I am doing. I can see improvements myself in my ability to remember combinations, my technique, flexibility and my confidence but I would to hear what my teachers think. How would I approach them to ask them this and is it ok to do so? Would love to hear what teachers on here think.


I would like to eventually be good enough not to embarrass myself in the company classes..my goal is to take some of those and I don't want to look silly! Right now I wouldn't but I want to see what my teachers think about my progress over the last year particularly.

I am quite goal oriented and a bit competitive and need to feel like I am getting somewhere!


Let me know how best to approach this.


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I don't see any problem with asking about your progress. They may not have much time just before or after class, so you may want to set up an appointment to speak with them at some other time. Often the best way to do that is via the receptionist or whoever runs the office at your studio.

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Thanks Hans:)

I am friendly with them through e mail so I could ask them when they have a few minutes to talk in person , perhaps?

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Taking "company class" might be a bit much, depending upon to which company you are refering. :blink: Asking for your teacher's opinion of your progress is a logical thing to do but taking a company class may not really be an option. There are so many companies and levels of companies, it is hard to say. Discuss your progress with your teacher, reveal your goals and see what the answer maybe. Merde! :grinning:

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