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Back Pains?


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Well, my spine hurts...I know it's probably because I'm bending over when I'm sitting, but when I am bending over, it's cause I'm doing work or something. But my back has been hurting me for about 3-4 days now...is there something I can do???

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Yes. You need to understand good alignment, and begin using it all day- not just when you're dancing. Read these 2 stickies and see if they make sense to you:




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Ok, thanks!


So now I'm in snow...and there's a part where you're on your knee and you bend back, and I have to hold that for...say 4-6 counts...are there any streches I should do before or after that?

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The most important thing will be having a healthy spine and being in excellent alignment at all times to prepare your body for what you will be doing. On top of that, you will need to be absolutely sure you are performing the movement correctly and in complete control. You will need to be certain you are well-lifted upthrough the abdominal belt to support the movement.


Before, you will need to be well-warmed up; after some stretches that round and release would probably be in order, as well as ice if needed.

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Round and release? And how do you streghthen your spine/back?

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You strengthen your back by using your abs and always working in good alignment, well lifted out of your legs. It also takes being aware of good posture all the time, not just in ballet classes. It's a 24/7 thing.


AND, if you are carrying a back pack to school, lose it. (Please do not argue this one...I know all the excuses and we have a LOT of topics about this. Backpacks are bad, bad things and need to go away. Yesterday.)

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Ok, so just working correctly will strenghthen your back?


Well...I do carry a backpack! Hahaha, I won't argue, I completely understand why we shouldn't carry them.

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