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Flexibility help!!!

PSB Ballerina

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I need help with my splits. I stretch everyday and I'm really close on my left split (literally 1 inch of the ground) but I can't seem to get flat. I was NOT born flexible and didn't bother to stretch when I was little. My right split is a joke. I really want to get my splits this year because if I don't I'll probably never get them. I'm 13 and have dreams of becoming a pro. My ballet school is a local school but my teachers are great and many of them have danced with smaller companies the owner who is also one of my teachers danced with boston ballet and other more well known companies. Do you have any split exercises? Please help, I want to get my splits. I'm sorry I know there is probably a lot of these posts but I needed answers fast and didn't find a lot of information searching flexibility and splits.

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You are right, there are LOTS of these posts, PSB. And the answer is always the same. Splits ARE a stretch. That is why you do them. They are not a part of the vocabulary of ballet, they are just one of the main exercises used to help increase flexibility. Therefore, DOING them, only when fully warmed up of course, is what they are all about. Being able to "get flat" in them is not critical at all. The idea is to use them to help your extensions when you are standing up! :D Do them as far down as you can with totally straight legs, pointed feet, and the back leg turned out. If you don't get all the way, it is still stretching. Eventually, you will probably get there, but don't get carried away with the fact that you have to have them all the way down. You don't.


PS - I counted 8 instances of "i" in your post above. And don't foget punctuation, too! Run on sentences are hard to read. ;)

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