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pointe class troubles


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When I take an hour of pointe class after about thirty minutes my toes always start to hurt so much I can't go up on pointe. I try to sit out a few exercises but my teacher always tells me to get back to work. I've only been dancing on pointe for a month and a half and already we're doing pirouettes on pointe in the center. What can I do to keep this from happening?

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Jgurl, it sounds to me, after reviewing your previous posts, that you are doing too much too soon. You have only had one year of ballet, so I have to question your readiness for pointe work at all. It is also possible that your shoes are not the right fit, or you don't have the right padding, but it is more likely that you do not have the alignment, rotation, strength, and technique to work safely on pointe.


Tell me more about your classes. How many ballet technique classes do you have per week and how long are these classes? Is your pointe work in a class following the technique class?

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That is good that you have 3 technique classes a week, Jgurl, but I still feel that it is too soon for you to be on pointe, much less trying pirouettes in the center. :wacko:


Have you researched other schools in your area, like a pre-professional school maybe? Is there a professional company anywhere nearby? If so, they would be able to recommend the best teachers.

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