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How long will it take me to get to pointe?

Jessica Loves Ballet

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Hi, I recently started ballet about a month ago and I'm 14. I take an hour long class once a week because it's the only class I can take at my dance stuido. If I practice every day at home what I'm doing in class plus more to become more flexible and strengthen my legs, how long do you think it will take me to get on pointe? Thanks:)

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Jessica Loves Ballet!!!!!


I moved your post here to Young Dancers 13-16 since it is more a question of technique and other things rather than a specific question about pointe shoes.


I believe the following link will help answer your questions!

Facts of Life about Pointework

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Guest The Lilac Fairy

Jessica Loves Ballet, because of your determination things may move a little faster when we talk about technical improvement. Although, we cannot see what your capabilities so far to make estimates on when we think you could be ready for pointe. My best suggestion would be for you to ask your teacher if this is a realistic goal for yourself/when you could go en pointe. Anyways, be sure to look at Ms. Clara's link because it has some very useful information.

:clover: Best of Luck :clover:

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