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Number of clsss - 8/9 yrs


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My dd is almost 9yrs old and has been taking preballet/ballet class since she was 5.

She is currently taking 2 class (60 minute each ) + 1 hr rehearsal (for company).

Is this enough?

I have an option to add 1 more hour of technique class..

So I would like to know that is a good idea.

She may or may not pursue a profession carrier in ballet, but want to keep that option open.

Se loves ballet so much and she recently declared she want to be a ballerina..



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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, loveballet. :wacko:


Two lessons a week is quite normal for an 8 year old. If she really wants a third class, and can fit it in her schedule, and yours, then fine. But do keep in mind that almost all 8-9 year olds who take ballet want to be a ballerina. :P

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Thanks for reply.


I’m assured to hear that. Good to know that what is typical.

Even though she has been dancing and a ballet is one of her favorite things, I can tell she is getting a little serious about it from the last summer. Then question lingering about are we doing too much or too small ?


I do know she is saying she want to be a ballerina just mean “I love a ballet and I’m good at it”. (Honestly, I do not wish her to be one because life of ballerina can be hard one. But it will be her choice and I’ll support her. For now, when she mentions about this, I just smile and give her some encouraging comments).

At this point, my focus is mostly “DO no harm”. Put her in a good studio, and give her a right amount of training, (provide enough foundation), so she would not miss any opportunity because lack of it while balancing other activities and life around her.


She is in good school and I trust her AD, but a few things are caught my attentions regarding amount of training recently:

I found some recommend class hour for older kids (10-12) here and it sounds a lot and I’ve checked what is offered for older kids in her studio. I think her studio fits in low ends of ranges (I’m not sure since class is not sorted by ages, but dancer’s ability, so I may be wrong).


I heard some dressing room chatter about kids (1-2years older than her) getting a private lesson and wondering is this typical?


Recent her company audition was pretty competitive. Her age group (8-9) was not bad, but I was watching through the window and thinking these kids are so good and worried about whether my DD could get in or not.. (It turns out she got in). Next level (10-12 group) will be harder to get in. For now, this is the one of most important thing in her life, so looking for ways to support her.


Then, I got a note from the school offering an extra class for kids you are interested in –I believe many other mom’s thinking same way and asking extra class.


I will end up sign her up on this because she really wants it. Our family schedule will get a little tight but will be able to handle.

Thanks again..

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Private lessons should not be necessary unless there is a specific reason for them, such as being behind in something, or being coached for a particular performance role. Regular privates, if they have enough classes and are doing well, are not needed.

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