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Rude Reed-Flute Girl..


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So Nutcracker rehearsals started in late september. I am a reed-flute with 3 other girls. 2 of them are from another dance school and the other is from my dance school. The one from my dance school is in my level, but she's never been any years before so I don't really know what she's like until this year. In class she doesn't do anything that I notice, but in rehearsal, She's really rude. She insults the choreography and the choreographer (not to her face however) and she is always complaining to herself why I am in front because I don't know the part of the dance we learned. But, I do know the dance and even though she's probably a better dancer than me, I'm in the front because I'm half a foot shorter than her. And she's always tries to get up close to me when dancing then blames me for moving back (which by now I make sure I don't do because of her, but she still is blaming me). She's not just rude to me, but she's mean to the other 2 girls too, she's always saying how our school is much better than there school and how they shouldn't be dancing. It's starting to really get on my nerves :pinch:. What should I do?

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Ignore her and do your work. Focus on learning and performing the choreography to the very best of your ability. This girl has a problem but it is not your problem. If she is messing up in the rehearsal she will be called out by the rehearsal director or choreographer eventually. If you do not react to her when she is rude, then she will not continue because she is not upsetting you. Just smile, be friendly, and go about your business. Do not talk about her to others, and just give her some time. Bad apples generally get noticed because they are busy being jealous and petty and it leads to mistakes. Let her make them, not you.

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