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I hope I didn't overlook a thread already started for this topic.


I am finally making my way back into ballet classes. This spring between work & school I was too busy to dance (still made it to the gym at least) but couldn't fit ballet into my schedule. This summer I started taking one class a week and now this month I'm up to two classes/week. I'm in Nutcracker and I should be thrilled that I was cast as I am out of shape and overweight (and I am happy to be dancing in it) but I'm so slow to learn the dances that I'm getting another dancer to help me. I feel so "special education". I'm in graduate school (and doing well in my classes) so I have a decent level of intelligence, but its been 4 years since I've been in Nutcracker, so maybe I just don't pick up dance as quickly as I used to?


Anyway, my happy item for this month is that I am back in class twice a week and kept my pointe shoes on for all of center at class this weekend (and of course for all of rehearsal)!!

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That's great, Tiffany! I would do almost anything to dance in Nutcracker but probably not going to happen:( But well done to you! Exciting!!! :)


My pointe teacher told me that I have beautiful feet and used me as an example for something...or at least my feet! ;)

I am so pleased to have something "right" for ballet!!! Made me very happy...and they are pretty good alright...or at least getting there:)

My arches and insteps are looking quite balletic;)

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I managed to get through a Nutcracker audition en pointe...and it wasn't too bad. I was unsure if I was "ready" for something like that as I've only been back on pointe for 6 months (and I wasn't sure I would even want to perform en pointe); but at the last minute I decided to just go for it. I knew I would be at least at the level (or maybe a tad bit above) of the younger teens who have only been en pointe for a year. I won't be terrbily upset if I don't get a part en pointe but I am proud of myself for at least trying.

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Oh, I am so jealouse when I read about your Nutcrackers. I wish everyone good luck and a great time with "nut"!


Congratulations for BlleFille for the feet-compliment. Things like this can make ones day!


I am super excited: I will start teachertraining friday on planet ballet! I have no idea what they are going to do with us. I have got an e-mail where they told us to wear our "balletuniform" underneath comfortable clothes because we gonna dance ourselves without the time to change. I ordered a lovely knitwear-warmup to wear but I do not think it will arrive until thursday. Oh well, I am sure it will be great. The e-mail-lady is super sweet and writes back extremly fast. It seems to me that she is living on her computer just to answer our questions.

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Nutcracker cast list came out today! This will be my first time performing in any sort of Nutcracker, so I'm very excited. Happy with all my roles, though I'm kind of wondering what the heck I was thinking when I auditioned en pointe... because now I have to perform en pointe! Eek! It's been 15 years since the last time I did that! This should be interesting. Seriously, though, I'm very much looking forward to getting rehearsals underway.


And DancinMomof2, I'm very proud of you for auditioning en pointe! ;)

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Aww, thank you arciedee! At least I know what to expect if I decide to be more serious about auditioning en pointe next year. I am very happy for you...I know you'll do fine! :clapping:

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I just found an extra ballet class to add to my schedule. I can't go to the school I really want to go to because I can't afford it. Because this school is much closer, I can ride my bike to it, which eliminates the cost of driving to class. The teacher has a degree in ballet pedagogy so it should be a good class. I'm so excited, I'm going for my first class on Monday. At least now I have 2 ballet classes in addition to 5.5 hours of jazz and 1 hour of tap.

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That's great, Marjolein! :)

I wanted to add a third ballet class this year, unfortunately it was full. I took up Pilates instead and I think that it helps me more than another ballet class would. I've been doing it for a month now and I already notice that I'm stronger and much more supple in my back. And that really restricted my flexibility, I feel really loosened up now! :)

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I did a double pirouette en pointe ....on the left leg!!!! Amazing. a week ago i couldnt do a single. then a girl who used to dance pro and is now in my open class pointed out that i wasnt pulling my knees up fully. Ive been working on that with lots of releves and voila.... Pirouette! It felt so much smoothervand the floor was good so i just kept going. Not the cleanest landing but what a buzz

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Oooh and i forgot to tell about the nutcracker. Im a snowflake (en pointe) and a russian (flat). Its on Nov 13...

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Wow a lot of us are doing Nutcracker! I'm glad I live somewhere that they let adult non-professionals dance in Nutcracker, because another city that I lived in had no opportunities for adults to perform. I would love to take pilates; just need to find the time and money. I think it may be offered at my gym but I'm not sure if its a "real" pilates class or not. I am in snow & flowers corps.

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A shameless self-promotion on my part.


Saturday October 29 I'm performing at the Florence Gould Hall at FIAF. Sorry that it isn't all ballet, but rather modern with one section of ballet. It's called Je me souviens and is something of a tribute to the French film composer George Delarue. Basic info can be found at




I'm totally biased of course, but I think it is a great piece. Eight cast members ranging in age from 9 to 67. If you live in the New York City area would love for you to come and say hello.

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Wow, lots of productions of Nutcracker going on... sadly we dont do productions very often.


I did a triple pirouette last Night (my first one ever) I was so ecstatically happy it was just perfect, very floaty and easy and it all just worked, of course I didnt manage another one.

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After a couple weeks of personal crises, I made it to Nut rehearsal yesterday and double classes today. Patting myself on the back for being present despite being abysmal technically and mostly elsewhere mentally.

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