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Pointe Class - Separate vs. Mixed w/Technique


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I'd like to know if there is a desired standard for pointe classes. My daughter is 11, and I think her schedule is the most appropriate for her...she has 4 technique classes per week (each is 1 and 1/2 hours) and then 2 of those days she has a pointe class afterwards for 1/2 hour. But I'm seeing at other schools where the students are wearing pointe shoes during some of their technique classes. Is that common, and/or is this something just for older students? Thank you.

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That is for more advanced students, miodus. Her schedule is just fine. :thumbsup:

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At age 11, your daughter is technically a beginner on pointe. She should not be wearing pointe shoes to do an entire class. A 1/2 hour pointe class after technique class is fabulous. :clapping:

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Thank you! Can you please tell me at what age / level the change happens? My daughter has been on pointe for 1 year now (she started at 10 1/2, and while I initially objected, I went along with it because all of the other students in her Level were starting (they were all the same age). My concern now is that on the days that she is not scheduled for pointe, and only has technique, one of the teachers is having the students wear pointe shoes. I've told my daughter that I don't agree. I think I might need to go and talk to the teacher. Before I do, I wanted to have some education on what is appropriate / industry standards, etc. Thanks so much.

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Miodus, the problem is that there are no "industry standards". The standards of every school are their own. Certain syllabus schools have specific requirements for certain things, but even those standards will vary from school to school and teacher to teacher. Evidently this particular teacher feels that this group is ready for that. Personally, I would have strong doubts about it, but basically there is no "legal" argument. One has to trust that the school where they are taking their children knows what they are doing, and that is not at all an easy thing.


Look into the record of the school in terms of the students they produce who go on to either professional careers or at least to a good college dance program. Watch the advanced classes and see how the dancers in that level work. Are they in daily technique and pointe classes? Are they disciplined, serious, committed to what they are doing, and look like they are at a level just a couple of years away from that of a professional, or if they are high school seniors, are they ready to go audition for companies?


As far as taking technique classes on pointe, if they have sufficient pointe classes this would not be my choice for my students below the very top level.

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Thank you very much, Ms Leigh. The school does have a very good reputation and has produced dancers that have gone on to great places. But I've noticed in the past year or two that they have started pushing / advancing the younger girls in a way that I'm not very thrilled about. When I watch a class, it looks like many of the girls aren't very strong on pointe and it makes me nervous for them. My daughter seems competent, but I did received feedback from one of her summer programs (at another school) that she is lacking "core strength" and they had concerns about her being on pointe because of that. My goal for her this year is to concentrate on building her strength and stamina overall, and not focus so much on pointe. I just learned about the teacher mixing the tech and pointe, and was not happy about it. I think I'll have to go in there and ask if my daughter can be allowed to take the class without pointe shoes. Thanks again.

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