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Space between thighs...please help!

PSB Ballerina

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My thighs are very different from everyone else's in the class. When I stand in first position with proper form my thighs do not touch. There is a curve from the top of my leg to my knee kind of like an arc but not to that extreme on both legs. They do not touch when I do sou-sus or any steps relating to sou-sus such as bourree's. One of my dance teacher recognized this but didn't say why I had this. Another teacher thinks I'm being lazy and not straightening my legs and not working my inner thighs. However my kneecaps are pulled up and I straighten my legs to the best of my ability and work my inner thighs. Does anyone know why this happens and if it can be fixed?


It looks weird when I'm dancing compared to the other dancers in my class and entrechats are near to impossible because I can't beat my inner thighs (as well as mot beat jumps). I want to become a professional but I'm afraid people would not like the look of my legs and jumps that require beats. Please help!

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PSB, I think that you are still very young. Is it possible that you are very tiny, and that your legs don't meet because they are still not very muscularly developed?

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I am quite small but other dancers in my class who are a lot smaller than me have thighs that touch. So it is not based off of weight or muscle. Even an nine year old who is much smaller than me has thighs that touch.

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It's not an age thing, it's a body structure thing. You may just be built with a structure that creates this kind of situation right now, but that doesn't mean it won't change as you grow and develop.

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my inner thghs dont touch either, but i have never been frowned upon, or rejected at auditions ect because of this. :yes::clapping:

I would'nt worry too much!


good luck! :huepfen:

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