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I am going to my first audition for a summer program and I'm just curious what the definition of a "classical" black leotard is. There are definately some differences in definitions among my ballet class on what is classical and what's not.:)

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Guest LaFilleMalGardee

My definition of a classical leotard is camisole, short sleeve, or long sleeve. Not one of those newer styles like one strap or halters.

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To add to what Hillary said, I would add that if you wear a camisole, which is my favorite, it shouldn't have lots of extras. Stuff like criss-crossed backs, or piping in different colors, or really low-cut backs or things like that. Just a simple, down-to-earth, black leotard. :)

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Guest dancergal

I agree with LaFilleMalGarde and Dolphingirl. A classical black leotard for auditions should be camisole, short sleeved or long sleeved, and not have too many extras like complicated spider backs or strips of different colors on the black.

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Classic black is to ballet what basic black is to fashion - correct anytime. This means an absolute minimum of adornment, decoration, or fancy cut. You can go a little with the fabric, for example a shimmery Lycra Spandex would not be out of order.

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