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Quicker jetés?


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I did a search but did not find an answer to my question.


We do a very quick jeté combination at the barre. I can manage to the front and the back, but to the side...

At first we did 8 jetés to the side in 1st position. After 2 weeks that became 5th position. (We have a set barre)


When we did them in 1st, my toes would barely go off the floor, and the teacher kept telling me to go higher. I have no idea how to go higher with so little time. And now from 5th it is much worse, I can't close to a decent 5th just to keep up with the music, my toes still barely come off the floor.


On the bright side, I do use my foot well to push off the floor. (which is the correction my other classmates get most) :P


Do you have any tips for me to become faster in my jetés? (In fact, tendus as well, we just don't do them as quickly usually)

Thanks! :flowers:

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Your weight is too far back in your heels and you aren't using enough "lift-off" in the torso.


Try them at home from 1st position, using something that weighs maybe 5-10 lbs.- a full milk container, a small stool or chair, something that has some weight to it. What you're going to do is lift the object up above your head, holding it so that your elbows are in front of your ears, arms straight. Scoop your tummy in and lengthen your back, and try the exercise.


Next put the object down but try to find the muscles that had to work differently while you were lifting, and try the exercise like that! Keep focusing on it throughout class (it will make you really tired at first) and eventually you will see improvement in all of your exercises!

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