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Residency Ballet Schools in New England?


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I'm looking for a school to audition for in high school! Any suggestions or personal experience would be great because my parents would like me to start planning everything soon for auditions etc. I am looking for schools in the New England area, but Pennsylvania or somewhere around that would be fine to because that is where a lot of my family is. I was thinking about Walnut Hill, but people have said that it doesn't have the best ballet training? Is this true?

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, pinkdancer. :)


There should be information on all of the schools in this topic. They are listed in alphabetical order. We only allow first reviews of these programs, and no hearsay is allowed. We do not listed to "I've heard" type of statements, only facts from students who attend or have attended, or parents of these students.


There is a thread on Walnut Hill, also CPYB in PA, Boston Ballet, Kirov Academy in D.C., NCSA in NC, Harid in FL, etc. There are not a lot of residence programs in New England, so you really need to look into all of the available programs.

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